8.0 Section 8: Prejudice Review

Back in 2009, developer TimeGate wheeled out the somewhat generic space marine shooter, Section 8, to what would best be described as mixed reviews. It had some decent and well implemented ideas, but was pretty much ignored by the masses with complaints of a short and lacklustre single player mode, and the obvious aesthetic comparisons it to a certain Bungie product. The fact that the makers have decided to have a second crack at the FPS market shows some real cojones, what with the kids these days being all about the Call Of Duty and whatnot. Being a digital release only, you could be forgiven for worrying that this second slice of Section 8 would be more of the same. Never fear though, is on hand to digest this sophomore effort and tell you whether it is worth your precious hard earned cash.

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kesvalk2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

it's already pre-ordered on Steam, it's a game, with a meatier multiplayer than a lot of FPS out there, for the price of a cinema session...

JebusF2729d ago

It does look interesting, no question!