Tomb Raider - NAG Scans With Interview

Check out 7 pages scans of new Tomb Raider from Nag magazine featuring in-depth interview with the creators.

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Seraphemz2729d ago

I really hope that this is good...

Urmomlol2729d ago

Aren't posting scans of a magazine on a website that ISN'T the publications the same thing as stealing? Honestly, how is that any different than piracy? You're MAKING MONEY FROM HITS by posting scans of something that you don't own the property rights to so other people can use it WITHOUT PAYING for it.

Fishy Fingers2729d ago

Are you new to the internet??

Prophet1122729d ago

IMO, New Age Gaming is the only game magazine worth buying here in South Africa. Been a subscriber since the first issue, just over a decade ago.