Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Content Leaked

The content of the Battlefield 3 limited edition has been leaked. The edition contains maps, vehicles, weapons and a lot of more. Check it out.

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sycnation2729d ago

ALREADY pre-ordered!
After the first teaser trailer was online, i hit up the net looking for pre-orders

Solid_Snake-2729d ago

pre-ordered for the pc. £24.99 for the better version of the game and its the spec edition.

LOL best £24.99 ever spent.

its a good time for pc gamers.

Yi-Long2729d ago

... hopefully the same as they did with Bad Company 2 (free for people who bought the game new using the VIP-code).

If they're gonna DLC-milk it CoD/Activision style, I'm less excited.

Game looks absolutely amazing though, and I LOVE Battlefield! MUCH better than CoD imho.

BattleAxe2729d ago

When it hits Steam I will definitely pre-order this game.

DaCajun2729d ago


I hope they don't pull that BC2 crap by locking maps/game modes that were on the disc and then unlocking them in intervals and calling it DLC because that was utter BS.

TurismoGTR2729d ago

Whats in the Limited Edition? I can't read foreign websites.

Magdalena_Cuntswap2729d ago

drugs and alcohol.... ;)

According to the dealer includes the Limited Edition ten weapons from Battlefield 2, four vehicles, ten Achievements, twelve additional ranks for the multiplayer mode, ten fresh dog tags, eight-game customization options and the Battlefield 2 maps Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Wake Oman and Iceland.

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hiredhelp2729d ago

nice amount of content with this. good to see old maps thrown into the mix. too ive preorderd this also on and yes its limited edition. i like games that last with the multiplayer and all.

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DeadIIIRed2729d ago

Isn't the limited edition the standard $59.99 version anyways? Or are they just talking about an actual limited edition version that hasn't been assigned a proper name yet?

Moragami2729d ago

Yup, it is the $59.99 version. The trick is you have to preorder. Buying it new after the release date means you'd have to pay extra for the "Strike at Karkand" expansion. It is included free with the pre-order, which is why it's a limited edition.

MGRogue20172729d ago

Definately pre-ordering the limited edition. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.