Afterfall: InSanity new gameplay footage

It's like Dead Space in our time - definitely worth a look.

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Urrakia342732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

You know, I don't expect much out of this game but that gameplay is actually pretty decent.

JobForARockStar2732d ago

Is this that game that G. Del Toro is making? Or is this something different?

Urrakia342732d ago

No this is something different. I believe the game that you're referring to is "inSANE"

JobForARockStar2732d ago

Ohh Ok. Thank you. I thought it was way too early to be seeing gameplay of inSANE. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Bubble vote for you sir!
This looks interesting though. I have never even heard of it up until now. I'm looking forward to hearing more details on this.

AngelicIceDiamond2732d ago

Naww I think I'll pass on this one. Though the gameplay looks ok. And I have to coin it "It looks like a DeadSpace Ripoff"

The_Nameless_One2732d ago

Hrm. I wonder how many times gamers will say they copied Dead Space. Seems Ironic as Dead Space copied everything it has from other games.

JsonHenry2732d ago

I was just thinking the same thing. Dead Space didn't do anything new. It was good, but nothing new.

This game looks like a decent horror game to me. I'll probably pick it up.

BeastlyRig2732d ago

Something about this game screams out Unreal Engine 3!

Lamarthedancer2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

The thing is it actually does look like a little like Dead Space.

When you have Resident evil 4 with the over the shoulder gameplay and then look at Dead space they look differen' you know that Dead space took some ideas from it but made their own game from it

This though has that Dead Space feel to it

The_Nameless_One2732d ago

"Dead space took some ideas from it but made their own game from it "

Dead Space pretty much copied everything it has from other games. Ever heard of a little game called System Shock 2?

Do you know Dead Space started a s sequel for SS2? They changed it after Bioshock came out and EA realized that there's no way they could compete with that.

Dead Space (as much as I liked it) is nothing more then a stripped down SYstem Shock 2 ripoff with RE4 gameplay.

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