Violence, sexual themes and more detailed for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Examiner writes "The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released a rating summary for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise, detailing the game’s intense violence, partial nudity, sexual themes and more."

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firelogic2822d ago

I thought the NA PS3 version was going to be all censored like the japanese ps3 version. glad to hear that it's not!

Cajun Chicken2822d ago

Okay, this is the US version, I want the EU version and JP have just got a new version of this. I'm confused. Is the jap one the same as this, or what?

DigitalRaptor2822d ago

Yes. Is there a solid release date for this yet?

Could you imagine if I'd switched to Xbox 360, like many threatened to do, when games like this are coming out for the PS3.. LOL!