The Sims 3: Royal Wedding Parody

Electronic Arts has created a parody of today’s Royal Wedding featuring everyone’s favourite Sims. Didn't quite make the guest list to the wedding of the decade and keen to imagine what you may be missing out on? Look no further than The Sims 3 Generations’ Royal Wedding Parody Trailer.

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iamnsuperman2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

The Royal Wedding is everywhere. I wake up this morning and all the TVs in my house are showing the wedding

knifefight2733d ago

Living in Japan, I haven't heard a thing about it. Awesome.

Course we also have that nuclear thing. Less awesome.

OtherWhiteMeat2733d ago

Thank the good Lord it's over.The good news is that it took some of the media attention off of Sony.

Ace_19752733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

The good news is that it took attention off Sony, lol you fanboys are seriously fucked in the head. If that's all you can take away from a good day for two young people that love each other and get married then you are a massive sad loser.

hay2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

"love each other"
Lol, good one.

"massive sad loser"
Says the person who can't prevent to be hated even online. Nice bubble, better take care of it.

@OtherWhiteMeat: If you want to take attention off Sony why do you bring it up?

Joe29112733d ago

Agreed! I can assure Meat person that the media is much more interested in a global event rather than PSN being down for 20-30 million people (as if 77 million, I have 4 accounts myself). It was a great day, and nice to watch - thanks PSN for being down, I got to watch it rather than playing online.

Jezuz2733d ago

I guess the world revolves on Sony then.

OtherWhiteMeat2733d ago

I take you "guys" watched the wedding.Great now we have royalty fanboys.