STN: Razer Onza Tournament Edition review

STN Writes:

There is no doubt that the Razer Onza Tournament Edition controller is a high quality addition to the hardware line-up of the Xbox 360. Not everyone gets on with the official controller, and if you are one of those people then there is no doubt about it, this is the controller for you.

Rating: Excellent

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RevXM2822d ago

Nice controller.

I just got to get this one!
Adjustable sticks. top notch buttons, good comfort, responsive high res/sensitivty on the sticks. yes Its a buy.

Its not like the original. the stick on that got a pretty bad dead zone compared to this and the dualshock 3.
Every controller got its con though.
I would say the thing with Onza TE is its not wireless.
Would be awesome to just unplug the cord and chill out.
And I would a love a ps3 version with full sixaxis support.
This is a must buy for me. sleek, sexy and hardcore.

WetN00dle692822d ago

Ive been wanting to buy the Onza BUT so far only amazon has the controller in stock. The downside is that it ships in two weeks...............i might as well wait till they have one day shipping.

Adexus2822d ago

I got this controller last week and I do love it, I much prefer it over the default 360 controller but I do have some niggles.

I think the d-pad is raised up a bit too much and it takes a bit longer to push down which is okay for menus or weapon select but it's a bit dodgy for fighters.

The guide button looks tacky, it's just got a sticker on there and mine isn't even central, it's off by some degree which lowers the overall build quality of it.

The shoulder buttons don't instantly click in, they've got some way to go before they do and it's almost as if it "clicks" twice before the actual button press, I hope you understand what I mean by this.

Also, the triggers are a bit too long and can be quite hard to grasp as times, and it feels as if my fingers gravitate towards the end of the triggers which doesn't feel as great, I'm making this controller sound awful but honestly, even with these niggles it's one of my favourites, if not my favourite controller that I've used.

Here are the good points rounded up, the hyper response face buttons are amazing, they make a huge difference during gameplay, the analog sticks are raised up and I feel like this makes it much much easier to aim, specially on fast paced FPS games like Call of Duty and they're smooth as Hell, the extra shoulder mapped buttons are a huge help but take some getting used to, and I still sometimes get confused on which shoulder button to press to reload but that's just down to my incompetency ;) The texture of the controller feels really smooth which makes it nice to grip and hold.

If Razer can get rid of these niggles with a second iteration, I will be over the moon, at the moment it's an 8/10 controller from me, I hope you liked my mini review :P