New Scans Reveal Fresh Faces In White Knight Story

In this post, Ps3fanboy reports:

"By fresh ink, we mean new scans of White Knight Story erupting from the depths of Famitsu magazine. With no clear release date in sight, we can only marvel and gaze at the new snippits of artwork and graphical prowess Level 5 is preparing to woo us with. The scans predominantly showcase the different Knights you'll either encounter or gain the ability to become (since we can't read Japanese we're just guessing here), but there are a few pieces of scenery and character art to check out as well. That Level 5 mascot, the purple toad thing, even makes an appearance."

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TheHater4116d ago

When the hell is this game coming out? I cannot wait any longer. And what the hell is up with that RED KNIGHT? He look kick ass

nasim4116d ago

Ps3 is on a killing spree

FF13,FF13 versus ,WKS ---the best RPGS of this generation all on PS3.

vs mega flop Blue dragon on a mega flop console like x360

DemiseofPandas4116d ago

Haha looks like they will have the same frog from Rogue Galaxy.

tocrazed4you4116d ago

Who else thinks that guy in all red with the wings in the first picture looks awesome?

games4fun4116d ago

agreed, when is it coming out it looks awesome and i would like to play that right now just from what ive seen of it.

unlimited4116d ago

freakn sweet!! cant wait for it..

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The story is too old to be commented.