First Marvel Universe details revealed: You play as Marvel characters, it’s free to play and more

Gazillion held an event in San Francisco this evening to reveal the writer for it’s upcoming MMO Marvel Universe, and ended up revealing a whole lot more. Details about the game have been very scarce before today, and even though they didn’t show the game and replied to a lot of questions with that "Gazillion are not ready to talk about that yet,” but PC Gamer can piece together a pretty good guess at the direction the game is heading in based on the confirmations and the hints they did give.

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Chaostar2731d ago

I thought this was in development for 360 a while back?

soundslike2731d ago

It was, but then they stripped all the marvel stuff from it and made it Champions Online and pc only.

Chaostar2731d ago

Ah I see, well I'll have to keep an eye on this one anyway. If it's as good as DCUO I'll definitely give it a try.

anasurimbor2731d ago

"You play as Marvel characters, it's free"

Already 100x more appealing than DCUO.

lodossrage2731d ago

all you're gonna get are 100 spider-mans, 100 wolverines, etc running amock.

As much as people wanted to use the DC guys in DCUO, I can understand why they didn't go that route.

As far as I can tell, this new marvel MMO can go one of two routes

1, they can let everyone use anyone they want, hence leading to everyone and their momma using spiderman and wolverine.

Or 2, everyone has to use a specific hero, making it a "first come first serve" scenario and millions of ppl getting annoyed because of not being able to use who they want

SixZeroFour2731d ago

true that most ppl will prolly just pick the most popular characters, but im sure there are plenty of groups out there wanted to form their favorite groups like avengers, xmen, fantastic 4, etc

also, its almost guaranteed that the strengths and weaknesses will make the game partially balanced making no character too over powered (which is what most hardcore MMO players really look at over choosing what/who the character is)

xTruthx2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Yeah wuts the point of being spiderman or captain america when you can be your own hero and have the powers u want ? Its better to be your own super hero than be a clone.

artsaber2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I can't stand the pay-to-play model. I want to buy a game and be able to play it offline, online, co-op, wherever. What kills me is the same games that charge to play it like DCU, can still cost you a bit for the game software.

Why isn't the disc sold for $9.99 - $19.99 for starters since they are looking to make their money off subscriptions?

xTruthx2731d ago

Do you know y you par for subscriptions ? for server maintenance, not because of the game it self lol. + All extra content from DCUO has been free.

poopsack2731d ago

With all sincerity I dont think MMO's are the genre for you.

DeadlyFire2730d ago

Free to play model is most cases always has a catch though. Like oh wait you can't have this super magic crystal because you still have peasant level membership. Join VIP status today just $20 bucks a month. Sucks.

One thing I hate is fee never changes no matter how much you play or not. Hey I played 5 hours in a month. $20 bucks? or Hey I just played this 24/7 every day of the month for only $20? Its unfair to working class that needs time to make money and don't get to play it all the time. Just a waste if you ask me.

LoneWanderer092731d ago

If is Free to play then am in

Myst2731d ago

More important for me is will I be able to play as Mystique...

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