Sony denies being offered to buy back stolen PSN database

Gamersmint: Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media at Sony, Patrick Seybold has declined that Sony were offered a choice to buy back database which the hackers stole from them after hacking into the Playstation Network.

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cyborg2729d ago

surprising? The fact that Sony denied being made such an offer by hackers or that the hackers are apparently trying to sell of the info?

disturbing_flame2729d ago

If i answer you i tend to be less sarcastic that i wanted to be.


FredEffinChopin2729d ago

Stealing info on the internet isn't like stealing an item from the store.... The info is all still there, there is nothing to buy back. Even if it did work that way, what hacker would stick his neck out trying to actually make that transaction? The whole thing is ridiculous on so many levels. Who buys into this nonsense?

If anyone on the type of forum being described in the linked NY Times linked in the article made such a proposition it was purely in jest, just to get a laugh.

psb2729d ago

link, can't belief they're covering such filth. I mean they really think these hackers have all that info? It's ridiculous. Glad to know, Sony denied it outright. Also, the hackers aren't that dumb to call up Sony and offer them to sell it back.

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Honest_gamer2729d ago

well IF this is true at least one good thing has come from it....they only have 2.2 million CC details out of a potential 77 million (i say potential as theres no was PSN has 77 millions accounts hell in my house alone there’s been over 100 accounts made and 11 made on XBL)

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The story is too old to be commented.