PSN's 2.2 Million Credit Cards Up For Sale: Sony Declined Rebuying?

More drama in the continuing PSN network debacle. According to a post on the now notorious PSX-scene forums, database information from the PSN is now available for purchase in the hacker underground. Not only that, but the hackers themselves were going to sell the database information back to Sony, which was denied.


Time to put those fears to rest? - http://www.gamersmint.com/r...

disturbing_flame4538d ago

People are really well informed nowadays.

Silly gameAr4538d ago

People are coming up with some wild s*** and the media is eating off of the hysteria. Guess they have to eat somehow.

Perjoss4538d ago

if the PSN stays down for much longer I predict stories like this popping up soon:

"PSN hackers are watching you, unplug your Playstation EYE now!"

gedapeleda4538d ago

Thank god you showed up and told me that,I did something really nasty in front of it yesterday.

nveenio4538d ago

I'm getting tired of this crap.

Trey_4_life4538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

As one of the biggest self-confessed ps3 supporters out there i have recently just bought a 250gb 360s.

The reason for this is sony, my credit card details being compromised and the fact that psn has been down for this extended duration of time.

Now don't get me wrong i will continue to use m ps3 as my main gaming platform but the fact that i bought a 360 speaks louder than any rant ever could.

YogiBear4538d ago


It tells me that you like to throw your money away.

Heartnet4538d ago

@Try 4 Life

Agreeing with YogiBear lol all it means is that u have disposable income and buying an xbox 360 means nawt if ur not buying the games for that console :)

and if ur CC details were comprimised wasting ur money is not the way to go lol..

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Ghoul4538d ago

yesterday a guini pig shat into the mainframe of googles central server, the system is going to go down within the next 2 weeks (shit needs time to become acidious)

-some forum

Muerte24944538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

How you take Sony's: " your personal information may have been obtained....": to "they have stolen your Credit card numbers". Sony just said there was a possibility that you personal information may have been accessed. All credit card information was encrypted though. Let's go a step further. To finalize any kind of online purchase, you need the CVC# on the back of the card. Sony doesn't have that because it never asked your to provide it. If you're that paranoid, go in and change something as simple as the address of your billing information. People really know how to spin things just to get a headline.

Sheikh Yerbouti4538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

Passwords, Contact information...

Still useful stuff. I know a guy that has a list of hemophilia Type A patients, and he sells that for thousands of dollars to companies doing pharmaceutical market research. A few more solicitations is not that big of a headache.

The lawsuits are just frivolous. They are people whose credit card had already been compromised, who were just now alerted to it because all this stupid media.

B1663r4538d ago

Well also, the hackers have all of the personal information, so there are no defenses in place to prevent the hackers from hijacking accounts when PSN eventually comes back up. See they have your userid and password, so all they have to do is log onto your account before you do, reset the password and your account is basically compromised at that point.

This isn't over by a long shot.

Dark_king4538d ago

@B1663r I doubt the hackers are that stupid,that would basically be them telling Sony "yo I am here".Not to mention as long as the email accounts you used are not using the same password you can always reset the password.

Muerte24944538d ago

See that's my point Sony never said that the hacker have any credit card information. This was just an assumption made by the media. Sony said that there was a chance that your personal information was released. They never said it was without a doubt that your information was taken. Even so, your basic information was behind a security firewall, while credit card information was encrypted. Sony is just covering their tracks just in case somebody's information did get obtained. When they try to sue Sony can say that they warned everyone and advised them to take the following actions. I'm pretty sure 98% of people on here weren't even affected.

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Hellsvacancy4538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

Ill buy them, come over and meet by the alleyway next to the pie/chips shop, ill be sure to PAY you what you deserve!

shoddy4538d ago (Edited 4538d ago )

Sony will have the money for them right away, just meet up.

I wish they would.

hacking =maybe 10 years
blackmail =maybe 6 years

they deserve 16 years

bebojet4537d ago

Kevin Butler will be waiting with the briefcase full of money...

And the FBI taking pictures from a third floor building.

Vecta4538d ago

"Kevin Stevens, senior threat researcher at the security firm Trend Micro, was one of several experts who told The New York Times that he had seen talk of the hacked database on several hacker forums."

So I guess I would trust Trend Micro a bit better then some naysayers.

Biggest4538d ago

It's funny that someone said New York Times when they meant to say Twitter.

xAlmostPro4538d ago

This is a complete fail on whoever started this lame rumour hahaha..

It's true sony don't ask for you security number fom the card :D dumbasses

dantesparda4538d ago

Its gonna be funny when this same shit happens to XBL. i dont believe in Karma, but karma's a bitch. And what will people like Trey do when that happens? buy a Wii? People are overreacting to this and are acting like fiends. People need to chill the fuck out and be patient.

But i do also believe that Sony needs to stop being stupid and let shit like this happen either. I know that nothing is hack-proof but they should of at least had encryted the information (i know the credit info was encrypted). And they should have came out sooner with the info regarding the situation. When will these companies/institutions/politic ians learn that staying silent for to long is a very bad move cuz you lets all the speculation ruin you.

frostypants4538d ago

SUCH a bullsh*t story. PSN doesn't even store CVVs, thus it's impossible for the hackers to actually have them.

TeCh774538d ago

I don't know if it's stored or not, hopefully not. But, they are lying when they say they have never asked for the CCV number. I had to put mine in the other day when buying some DLC.

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joeyisback4538d ago

hackers r idiots ya go sell the credit cards most ppl probaly have cancel and have got a new one coming also enjoy prison hackers

yewles14538d ago

Like I said, desperate. XD

MaximusPrime4538d ago

Usually hackers, xbots and scared PS3 owners.

There I said it. Getting tired of people ignoring failed approval page. These kind of submitters should get their contributer status removed.

THC CELL4538d ago

Why would someone sell info lfrom psn when the fbi is involed u just paid for a ticket to jail

XRider4538d ago

I think it's obvious by now that the hackers just don't care and they don't fear Sony or even MS for that matter. Thats like going to a prison and asking the guy who murdered 25 people if he cares. Get used to this crap because the hackers are never going to go away.