Microsoft profits are up new console looms or not?

With Microsoft's profits on the up, does this mean we'll see the next Xbox sooner or later?

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Master_S2734d ago

Microsoft: 2013
Sony: 2014

shades722734d ago

Lottery results for next week please?

hudsoniscool2734d ago

23 18 34 25 and 12
yes i am from the future. on december 18 2013 skynet becomes self-aware. yes judgement day is coming.

Perjoss2734d ago

can you tell Marty to bring me back a pair of them cool Nike, they are taking a long time to release them in 'the past'.

2733d ago
Max_Dissatisfaction2733d ago

Lol so 75 is the new 90? Whats wrong, SONY doesn't have enough AAA titles this year for you to make a long enough list for it to sting? And why only retail? Arcade games suddenly unplayable?
I'm pretty sure 360 players aren't too cut up at the fact that games like Crysis 87
Mortal Kombat 87
Bulletstorm 84
Portal 2 95 aren't exclusive. I mean sure, it must suck that they can't play Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider since 360 doesn't have backward compati- oh wait, it does.
This whole year multiplats have proven that they can go toe to toe with SONY exclusives so why should anyone be bothered they only have a 360?

EeJLP-2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )


Simply put, that was a very poor attempt at damage control.

Did I say a 75meta game is the greatest game ever made? Nope. I just happened to pick meta-scores that are green for that list.
----------------------------- -----

"Whats wrong, SONY doesn't have enough AAA titles this year for you to make a long enough list for it to sting?"

I'd remind you that it's only April, and did you already forget that goose egg on the 360 'list'?

not counting PoP
>80% since 2011: PS3 [3] - 360 [0]
>80% since 2010: PS3 [10] - 360 [4]
>80% since 2009: PS3 [19] - 360 [9]
>80% since 2008: PS3 [29] = 360 [14]

29 - 14 a good enough sample size for you?
----------------------------- -----

"And why only retail? Arcade games suddenly unplayable?"

Arcade games suddenly retail quality? No? Copy that...
----------------------------- -----

Go on to post some multiplats.. that's the whole point of my post, only multiplats on the 360 this year.
----------------------------- -----

PoP and TR on Xbox. Sure, I listed varying degrees of exclusivity, but you really want to argue 5-0 vs. 7-0? You see which constant remains the same?
----------------------------- -----

Definitely need to step your damage control game up. That or give it up.

Choose your baseline score:

90+ = 1-0
85+ = 2-0
80+ = 4-0 (3-0 without PoP)
75+ = 7-0 (5-0 without PoP & TR)
70+ = 7-1 (360's 1, Divinity II, also on PC)
65+ = 9-1 (360's 1, Divinity II, also on PC)

How exactly do you plan to win an argument as literally 1-sided as this?
----------------------------- -

Jump the gun before seeing this reply?

Name your baseline and the 360 trails.
95? 2-0
90? 9-7 Company, 6-5 True
80? 34-31 Company, 27-22 True

Who needs to put 75 and up? And that's in 4.5yrs vs 360's 5.5yrs

Since 2008:
95+ 2-0
90+ 9-3 Company, 6-3 True
80+ 29-21 Company, 22-16 True

Thank you, come again. It's been a pleasure serving you.

Firstkn1ghT2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

LOL! Their was a time when fanboys would put only games rated 90 and up. Since most of sony's games are rated low he has to put 75 and up. That was rich. Why not go ahead and add DC Online and SOCOM.

Funny thing is in that list you put, their is nothing that I want to buy. LBP2??? I'm glad u like playing games with dolls. And according to over all sales, most people agree.

Vherostar2733d ago

Gamescores meh I prefer my PS3 but have never bought a game based on game score anyway :p. People who do are sheep. I buy it because it looks great simple as thats why I play great games like Dynasty Warriors and Saints Row 2 which both got terrible review scores yet I thought were awesome.

Though I do agree PS3 has the better exclusives and always will thanks to more 1st party devs this article is about the possibility of a new console so quit with the smack talk will ya?

I honestly dread the day we see new consoles I really do! It means paying full price of £400 for a console again instead of the £200 we pay now which is great for a second machine for my kids. No doubt as well devs will use new consoles as an excuse to increase the price in games too.

Pixel_Pusher2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

"Microsoft Windows Misses Estimates as Consumers Pick iPad"

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CrimsonEngage2733d ago

I don't see Sony releasing anew console for a while after what's happened to them.

baodeus2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Nope, the new console would help sony back on track, fixing all the problems that they had this gen, especially if they making it more accessible for 3rd party developers.

It is like MS and Sony looking at each other to see who gonna make the jump. Although nintendo just throw them an invitation for next gen console.

VampiricDragon_2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

^ for the most part those multipalts are generic pieces of shit.

"I don't see Sony releasing anew console for a while after what's happened to them."

what happened to them is they lost alittle money according to most analysts. Theres no long term impact

gapecanpie2733d ago

The same can be said about $ony exclusives. It's all about preference and what you like because not everyone think $ony games are good.

DeadlyFire2733d ago

Sony 2013
Microsoft 2012/2013

Both likely to be announced as "in development" at E3 2011/2012. I am almost certain that E3 2012 we will see all.

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Oldman1002734d ago

The sooner a new microsoft console comes out the better. The dvd format just doesn't cut it. I'd like to have uncompressed audio for my games microsoft.

Perjoss2734d ago

isn't it funny how DVD9 games still manage to get perfect 10 scores, even right up to the latest releases like Portal 2.

XRider2733d ago

^^^ bubbles for the troll catch

Oldman1002733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Lol wtf? This has nothing to do with what i"m trying to say. What i'm saying is that the storage capacity of dvd isn't large enough to store uncompressed audio like 5.1 or 7.1 LPCM. Which i wish microsoft to take into consideration when they make their next console. The compressed and lossy dolby digital just doesn't cut it for me. I hope this clears it up.

P.S I was not trolling

EeJLP-2733d ago

10 is platform based.

10 has nothing to do with comparative quality across platforms. This is the reason why cell phone games can be 10s, when cell phone games are obviously no Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc.

Pekka2733d ago

@Oldman100: Most people can't even recognise normal MP3 audio from CD audio. Very few can distinguish between uncompressed and compressed 5.1 audio anyway (less than 1%, if compression is done right) and even then you need high-end audio equipment which is rare. Speakers alone would have to cost minimum $1000 to distinguish compressed from uncompressed even in theory.

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humbleopinion2733d ago

So you have problems with compressed Dolby Digital/DTS audio (which at 640kbps even on a professional system is almost impossible to detect from uncompressed 5.1), but you have no problem with compressed video in Bink which is basically crap quality!?
Proper video quality is tad more important to me, and when games can't render in engine cutscenes in real time because the media/hardware is not powerful enough - it simply doesn't work. Yet many developers still stick to Bink because they can't render the cutscene in realtime, and better video formats just can't be streamed fast enough while loading the next level in the background.

Oh, and who's using crap like 7.1 LPCM anyway? You need to have a very big room because in a normal living room 7.1 will just mess up the audio because speakers are not distant enough.
It's always better to get 5.1 from a money perspective: for the price of a crappy 7.1 you can get a nice 5.1, for the price of a nice 7.1 you can get a semi professional 5.1 etc.
If you stick to 7.1, you're always paying for a worse system then a 5.1 at the same price, so who's in their reasonable mind would do that? 7.1 is just a moron-tax on people who don't understand audio - It's like buying a camera because "it haz da megapixelz". Don't tell me you actually fell for that.

NamelessTed2734d ago

As long as Microsoft's profits are up we won't be seeing a new console from them. If you look at Nintendo their profits were down some 60% lately. This is a major indicator of a new console. Nintendo has to release a new system in order to make profit because the Wii has gone past its peak and is very much on a down turn.

The Xbox 360 is also around its peak but it isn't starting to really have a down turn yet the way that the Wii has. It is obvious that Microsoft has been doing R&D since the Xbox 360 came out so they probably already have a rough version of what the next Xbox will be. The exact specification could rely on how fast sales decrease on the Xbox 360 to make them release a new system in 2013, 2014, or 2015. Though I don't think they will make it past 2014.

Perjoss2733d ago

They did so well considering the 360 was a broken console, imagine what its going to be like now that they have learned their lesson and will likely release a rock solid machine for the next generation.

NateCole2733d ago

The original xbox was more solid. You don't make any sense.

CrimsonEngage2733d ago

@NateCole Yea the original Xbox was Solid. The 360 not so much. Doesn't that remind you of anything?

The PS1 was solid. PS2 bricked had a higher failure rate. Then the PS3 came out. I'm sure MS 3rd console will be rock solid too.

Counter Strike2733d ago

MS games usally have amazing audio, look at Reach or Alan Wake...

ShadesMoolah2733d ago

MS will milk the Xbox/Kinect for as long as possible before they fragment their user base with new hardware.

iamnsuperman2733d ago

Profits speak for themselves. When we see the first sign of consoles sales go down they will release another console. With the popularity of the Kinect this might be 2013+

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