New Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection - Abyssea Edition Trailer

Square Enix just shared a brand new trailer of Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection - Abyssea Edition, the collection bundle that will include all four expansion packs as well as new add-on scenarios, battle areas, and a new in-game item, the Destrier Beret.

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perdie2734d ago

Why doesn't Square Enix stop messing with our hearts and just remake 7 :(

FredEffinChopin2734d ago

Dam, this is tempting me to go back. I really wanted to play XIV when they finally got it up to standards and released a PS3 version, but that time is looking far off if it comes at all.

Maybe I should just work my way through my current game queue instead... But this is sooo tempting.

Spenok2734d ago

I just went back about a month ago, and trust me, abyssea is SOOOOOOO worth it xD

FredEffinChopin2733d ago

Dammit.... must.... resist....

Spenok2733d ago

Resistance is futile! Lol, what server where you on?