MMGN: Conduit 2 Review

MMGN: Conduit 2 offers a great multiplayer experience, both off and online, with a relatively generic single player campaign. It has some of the best controls on Wii, but unfortunately falls victim to many of the issues that plagued the first game. Most disappointingly, it doesn’t expand upon the unique ideas of The Conduit, offering little incentive to play it over a first person shooter on another platform. Nevertheless, it’s a decent multiplayer title in the Wii’s final year.

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Xander-RKoS2734d ago

I can understand why some reviews like these exist. They give an opinion without spoiling anything...the problem is, from it I learned nothing about the game. Its the equivalent of me asking a random person how the game is and them telling me "yeah, its okay". In fact, this entire review can be summed up to just that. Why write a review at all if you're going to go at least a bit further in-depth and let the readers actually feel convinced that you played the game.