Game dev Gate Five sues Beyoncé for ''Destroying'' Business

What happens when you sign up Beyoncé to make a music game starring herself, and then she decides to pull out and the project collapses, forcing you to fire 70 employees the week before Christmas? You start reaching for the lawyers is what happens, and that's exactly the drama that's going to play out next month in the New York District Court.

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Wenis2728d ago

She pulled out because she wanted more money. Honestly is already having tens if not hundreds of millions not enough? I never get why people with such an insane amount of money want to be even richer.

SpLinT2728d ago

cause they buy a crap load of things like expensive cars and gigantic house[s] . She probably knows shell be in debt within 5 years as her relevance fades

FACTUAL evidence2728d ago

lol before her "relevance" fades? When will that be? Next 10+ years? Sorry she's like the COD of r&b...she won't be going anywhere. Anyways, damn that was kinda F'ed up.

eagle212728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

bubble for "the COD of R&B".....lmao...that was a good one. She made 87 million last year according to Forbes.

I guess they should'a put a ring on it and said her name .....cause a diva is the female version of

KwietStorm2728d ago

When Beyonce's relevance that was a good one. You don't have to like the girl, and even as a fan, I sure as hell believe she needs to be held accountable for this, but between Beyonce and her husband, some guy called Jay-Z, I don't think they have any money issues on the menu between now and February 31.

Lich1202728d ago

While I think shes a jackass and a diva (and I mean for that term to have a negative connotation) I can't help but question the people that would base a studios livelihood solely off this type of person.

I raise the question because it sounds like she wasn't bound by contract as there was no mention of a breach of contract.

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dragunrising2728d ago

I'm of the same opinion, and I don't understand myself. Perhaps the insanely rich can only find happiness in money...

Either way, I hope the developers and their lawyers are able to collect all 100 million in damages. I bet she never gave one thought about the 70 employees that lost their jobs. Perhaps if justice is served she'll have to sell a house or two. This news only made me dislike her even more than I already do.

Brock Danger2728d ago

How does someone disagree with this? Granted, we don't have all the facts, but I will

whateva2728d ago

if they had to fire 70 people over this chances are they didn't have the money to pay her or to complete this game in the 1st place & they was just going to try to use her name to get the money.

L6RD7BLU32728d ago

Because that's all there after, the rich gets richer as they say :(

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ndl15312728d ago

really bro how much more money do you need dam rich snob isn't she wit jay z? that guy owns millions and owns companies wow

dragon822728d ago

Just goes to show that money can't buy morals.

nevin12728d ago

why she looks so white in that picture?

anyway, lol at people dissing beyonce. 1st of all, you people wouldn't have bought the game. she is doing what every person has the rights and thats maximing your profits/worth.

soundslike2728d ago

and if it was a movie? What if the set was all ready to shoot, the supporting cast hired, and she decided to bail two weeks before shooting?

It seems obvious to me that she had the attitude of "whatever its just videogames"

silvacrest2728d ago

its the companies fault, contracts exist for a reason, so you cant just simply walk away whenever you want

if they didn't make her sign one then whatever happens next is on them

KwietStorm2728d ago

So she maximized her profits by walking away? OK. First off, I'm going to assume there was some contract in place, otherwise the devs don't even deserve to be behind this project. Second, nobody should have the ability or lack of respect to simply up n exit yourself from a project that other people's money is riding on.

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