Review: TacOps 4; the most hardcore strategy game of all time? | Digitally Downloaded

Unlike the other games, TacOps is first and foremost a military application that has been commercialised. The only other game that really compares to it is the classic, Harpoon, and like that game, TacOps 4 tries in every way possible to recreate the strategic conditions of a warzone. Playing this is almost more of a learning experience than piece of entertainment.

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disturbing_flame2822d ago

Nice review.
didn't know this game exist and i still don't know if i wanna play it after reading your review, or not.

MattS2822d ago

It's really hard to recommend this game. Basically... if you find the "hard" mode on the likes of Civilization or Total War games way too easy, then you might enjoy this one.

It's absolutely brilliant at what it does. But I reckon 1 gamer in 1 million will really get into it.

Thanks for the nice feedback.

Drjft2822d ago

I've used this with the Australian Army. Amazing program.

MattS2822d ago

What's the difference between the military, and commercial edition?

I didn't have access to the military edition.

Drjft2822d ago

Can't talk about it - but it's a lot more indepth.

Games sometimes go for 24-48 hours straight.

MattS2822d ago

Perhaps I need to join the army to get access to it then ;-)

Seriously, I'm the kind of gamer that gets way, way too into these games. Brilliant stuff.