My Name Is Mudd: PSN Of A Down

On this episode, Eric calls in to Sony Playstation customer service to investigate why the Playstation he bought on April 18th, 2011, wouldn’t allow him to log into PSN after he created his PSN account on the 19th.

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PS3PWNSALL2728d ago

You know what? As a loyal fan of Sony and the PS3, I even find this funny.

DarK-SilV2728d ago

This guy is funny ,he always annoy Tor hahahahahah

The_Ultimate_Guy2728d ago

Got 1/3 in and had to turn it off. Crank calls? A little too 90's for me and this was far from funny. I guess some sites just have a hard time with keeping up with the times when it comes to humor.

Oh well.

soundslike2728d ago

Too 90's?


needs more Claypool!

but holy shit...learn to record audio guys. Its not rocket science. Don't go into the red and use a compressor if you aren't using multiple mics.

LiL T2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Havent listen to it yet but being a bass player the title got my attention. Everybody could use more Les. Now I feel like jammin good thing the psn is down and no ones home.

edit: OK tried to listen but the audio is horrid. I had way better sound on my ustream channel with a singstar mic (my friend borrowed my Shure mic).

Lindsey2728d ago

This is funny stuff.

Yars Revenge!! Rarrr! LOL