Famitsu scans reveal new characters for Soul Calibur Legends

As a Famitsu scan reveals, Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia will be playable in Soul Caliber Legends.

Along side Lloyd are also two other new characters named Geki and Maki.

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DemiseofPandas4022d ago

Wow, Lloyd. Even though they are both Namco games, I wouldn't have expected, although a good move including a character from one of the gamecubes best titles. Very cool, and will be great for nintendo fans of the symphonia series.

texism4022d ago

My prediction:

Lloyd is will have Raphael's movesets.

Maki will have Kilik's movesets.

The Wood4022d ago

bring it. wonder if they will implement online battles like t6 + t5dr

DeckUKold4022d ago

or thats demon fang and a real big one i have to get this tales of symphonia is in the top 15 best rpgs of all time with an excellent gameplay recommend it to any1

midgard2294022d ago

loyd fights with 2 swords, not one fencing sword so no, wont use raphaels moves.

that and blah the game doesnt even look that good besides its old graphics from the SC 2 engine, but its mainly how limited the controls are to just swingin the wii-mote, but i guess its the best action game wii can get, unless okami is done right