PS Nation Podcast-Ep213-The End Is... Odd?

TONS of new info on games in the Oddworld series, including a huge update on Stranger's Wrath HD for PS3.

New Releases
Interview with Stewart Gilray for a ton of Oddworld and Stranger’s Wrath news
What We’re Playing
Quick Review of the Sorcerer’s Lair table for Zen Pinball
Voicemail and Email
Comedian is Daniel Tosh

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KongRudi2822d ago

Great show as usual, really liked the interview with Stewart Gilray.
Fun to hear about his problems with the texture, kind of strange that there isn't a tool somewhere in their toolchain to automatically check all the 12k textures. :)
Great idea about having him him sit with you for an entire episode.

torgo2822d ago

If he sits-in with us for a whole episode, that thing is gonna go for dayz son! :-)

If it were up to me, we'd have Stewart on every week honestly. I love talking to the guy. Man, if you're an Oddworld Inhabitants fan, you're in for a real treat over the next couple of years for sure!

KongRudi2822d ago

Never played them before.. :P
Heard good thing about them tough. :)