PSN Outage – Is Sony in the dark with itself?

MMGN writes: Many are criticizing Sony’s initial lack of information on the situation, although they’ve since come out and detailed the issue, albeit rather vaguely. There is an eerie sense of concern coming from Sony, as if it either doesn’t quite know how to rectify the issue, or that it’s concerned that any near-future relaunch will also eventually be compromised by hackers.

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thorstein2729d ago

"Many are criticizing..."

REally!?!?!!! Where!?!!

BLACKBOIJONES2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Stupid comment.

SolidStoner2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

:) lol, people have nothing to talk about, this only proves how this "news" about "PSN outage" got boring.

TheDeadMetalhead2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Stupid Scorpion avatar...wait a minute...

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RedDead2729d ago

All over the world mate, just not N4G

thorstein2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!! All over teh ENTIRE WORLDS? How is that possible?!?!! And No where on teh internetz!

Side question: Do they have sarcasm in your country?

RankFTW2729d ago

Sarcasm fails on some people it seems.

thorstein2728d ago

Thank you.

Maybe I should use monosyllabic words from now on.

Max_Dissatisfaction2729d ago

If anything, this situation has been great for parody videos. My favourite has to be Thank You PlayStation Network SUCKurity, hilarious

chidori6662729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

weak security,no encryption personal user info, negligence of customers personal info. Sony was aware of all this and never did anything, its like they didnt care about this personal info us the very same customers that keeps them in biz.

SilverSlug2729d ago

There are tons of accounts hacked all the time online. Especially banks. It happens. The real issue here is that sony did not encrypt personal data. Big blunder in their part.

Negligence would have been if they gave away or knew the attack was coming and sat back. There is no prove of this.

Did Sony make mistakes? Yes. You are acting like they wanted this to happen.

RankFTW2729d ago


TheDeadMetalhead2728d ago

I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.

swishersweets200312729d ago

you act like a 10 year old with a lab top hacked sony. Everyone acts like, no matter how much security they pump in their house, they think i still could not rob them. Whoever hacked sony we will see in time, if they ever get caught, or end up another DB cooper. Will show what scale of hacker and security sony had. Other then that no one knows.

My theory.. it was a pro, someone who knew what they were doing.. seen the action going on and got a easy score. But thats speculation. Like the past 40 a day articles that hit n4g.

Nothing will change..the minute yours and mine PSN starts working that everyone is so desperate to have like little frodo's and their magic rings.. anything you had on the network will not be different besides the change of password info option your going to get. Anything besides that life will go on you will play your game and so be it.

People get a life.. sony will return. Stop crying.

Eyeco2728d ago

the funny thing is the people who actually hacked PSN said that it was relatively easy, PSN's security was weak and dated so this is Sony's fault.

Its amazing how fanboys are defending Sony for recklessly putting their credit card information at stake and then taking a week to inform its customers that.

the way Sony has handled this has been , unorganized and unprofessional, this is one of the biggest screw ups this gen, Theres no way you can argue against that.

swishersweets200312728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )


You show me, where the ACTUAL person, the REAL PERSON who hacked this, SAID THIS WAS EASY. NOT GEOGAY, NOT ANONGAY< the real person who did the real scam, the real hack, the real theft that just went on. YOU find me where they came out in public, and said.. oh this was easy boys and girls. THEN I'll believe you. Seriously grow a fucking brain. You think the person that really hacked this shit, is sitting around waiting for the FBI to show up seriously..oh yeah, the crooks and scammers really just said out in public to get caught i just robbed the bank, and im going out in public with my big bag of money, and let everyone know how easy it was.

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CaptainMarvelQ82729d ago

A major corporation can't work in the dark unless there was a worldwide Short that killed the lights

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