First Glimpse of the L.A. Noire Map writes: "In our recent post about the Social Club Exclusives, we get our first glimpse of the map in L.A. Noire. After witnessing this map first hand at our event in L.A. 2 weeks ago, this is close to the full map, but not all of it! I was only able to scratch the surface in traveling this huge distance. This map is larger than Liberty City in GTAIV, and larger than the map in Red Dead Redemption!"

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Speed-Racer2820d ago

Cant wait to actually get into!

IllusionRSN2820d ago

Yea, when I got to play it, the map was massive. You can't really tell from this pic but it really is large.

Epicor2820d ago

Not the size but the quality. I found even GTA3 map big enough because it was so well thought out. I rather take a vivid city with lots of indoors than empty city with some points of interest.

Ahasverus2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

:gasps and dies: RDR was bigger than San Andreas so... :dies again:

IllusionRSN2820d ago

Yep it is, we got confirmation on this from a Rockstar rep when we were in L.A.

Aloren2820d ago

The map looks so much bigger than what I expected...

ionlyneedonebubble2820d ago

These are exactly the type of games that need 0 multiplayer capabilities. No online = Bigger maps, bigger story, better graphics Excellent job Rockstar.

Zydake2820d ago

i cant wait so much great games

MGRogue20172820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Kinda hard to tell of just how big the world is going to be from that pic.. especially at that resolution..

Hmmmm, Looks like we may have to wait for someone to get hold of the poster map included with every copy of the game & leak a high-res pic of it onto teh interwebz for all to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.