PSN: Analyst Predicts Only Short-Term Sales Impact

PlayStation Plus subscribers may be compensated.

Speaking with NowGamer, Jesse Divnich – VP at games industry analysts EEDAR, has predicted PlayStation 3 sales will be affected by the hack, but only in the short term.

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Lord_Doggington2734d ago

Sony seems to be doing everything they can in this situation.

Godmars2902733d ago

Naw. Sony's going to have to some general level damage control at least once PSN is back up. Free movies and XP weekends at the very least. Get some event in Home going to get back some usual visitors.

its going to be a few months before people feel comfortable with it again.

gaden_malak2733d ago

About 4 people in 1000 would care about free XP weekends.

thats_just_prime2733d ago

Its to early to tell how the sales will be affect by this. One is no has a clue when the psn will be back. Will if be back up next week ? next month ? 3 month , 6 months ? We have no idea.

We also dont know how many people had their CC numbers stolen or their ID's. These stories might be goin on for months after the psn is back up. Also if someone like say Fox news makes these stories a big deal it it will affect them for a lot longer.

cyclonus0072733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I guess we'll see.

Game0N2733d ago

these articles need to die already >< alright we get it its fucking hacked, psn is offline, yea i got it!

are there really no other news of the gaming industry? or is this whole thing shadowing everything? what a fucking nightmare

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