Red Faction: Origins - Premiere Trailer

Red Faction: Origins follows the children of rebel hero Alec Mason, set during a period between the critically acclaimed Red Faction Guerrilla(TM) video game and the recently announced, highly anticipated Red Faction Armageddon(TM) video game, also scheduled for release in May 2011.

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fooxy2820d ago

More crap from syfy channel...

DeadlyFire2819d ago

Not every thing on the Sci-Fi channel is bad. They have a few great shows and nothing really inbetween. I think this movie thing might be a great thing. Its not perfect from this trailer, but it can draw an interest. I wouldn't mind watching it.

BlitzAK2820d ago

Looks silly, but still, im interested.

Spenok2819d ago

I'm in your boat, surprisingly it looks worth a watch.

Wizziokid2820d ago

since SyFy axed SGU I refuse to watch anything they put out.
sorry red faction

DeadlyFire2819d ago

Well its not all their fault. I personally love Stargate, but SGU didn't give me what I desired. Its lacking some kinda character development or something. Its just not the same.

Wizziokid2819d ago

I disagree SGU had a lot of character development, that was its main push over the adventure side which did lack, which is why a lot of fans disliked the series.

it's a shame as it was really picking up on the story and adventure side but now we will never know what they could of done with it.

DeadlyFire2818d ago

Well I agree 100% with that. I did watch it some, it was decent. It just tried to pull adventure and character into separate sections. They should have mashed them together with some action. Then it would have been a plus.