Gamasutra Interview: Redbox Ramps Up Game Rental Business

Gamasutra: "There's nothing new about video rental chains mixing video games in with the latest Harry Potter film on their shelves. The practice has historically helped supplement dwindling income from film rentals as companies like Netflix shifted the paradigm.

"The publishers are looking for new ways to make revenue," says Resnik. "Adding games to the Redbox kiosks helps make discovery of their content easier in places they've never been before."

On average, kiosks will have 20 unique titles each in mid-June. Redbox hopes to expand that to 24 in the coming months. Resnik says the company expects to offer 80-100 unique titles per year.

As far as upcoming consoles -- and whether the company will support them at launch -- Redbox says it hasn't thought that far ahead, despite the planned arrival of Nintendo's Wii successor next year."

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The Matrix2822d ago

Screw Redbox. I'm not trusting my credit card to anything but Amazon for the rest of my life. And even that I'll probably end up regretting.

chasegarcia2822d ago

I need to remove my cc from Amazon. I order something every week.