TGH: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Review

TGH writes: When Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes hit the DS in 2009, it was a departure from the series norm in every way possible…and it was great. Swapping first person RPG action for intensely mental puzzle based combat and a more animated visual style, Clash of Heroes was hardly recognizable as a Might and Magic game, but it was executed nearly perfectly. Now we’ve got an HD-ified version on consoles and, guess what, the game is still great. But, is it worth picking up on a new platform?

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ShadyDevil2731d ago

This title is fun as heck. Really enjoying it Yeay PSN

Shuklar2731d ago

Plowed through the single player and just waiting for the PSN to get back up to knock out the multiplayer.

Very fun game. I want to see this on the PSP. Not enough puzzle games!

MightyMark4272731d ago

I like this version than the ones on the DS!

Rob9462731d ago

I want to buy this game so bad but PSN is down, I must still try the demo though but it looks so good!

IIXIII2731d ago

It's a superb game in my opinion, a little gem.
Got it a few days before the PSN outage and have played through the single player part wich was really fun.
Hope PSN will come back up next week so i can play some more online. :)