CVG: Driver: San Francisco - A return to former glories?

CVG: "Now Ubisoft has taken the wheel from Atari and put Reflections to work on a new entry in the series for the 2011 crowd. With long-time series designer Martin Edmonson on board, the studio aims to make the once great open-world car game road praise-worthy again, by building an entirely new proprietary game engine, setting it in San Francisco and introducing an interesting new mechanic to the series."

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DA_SHREDDER2757d ago

I loved Driver 2. Played it to death. I hope this game has the same effect on me.

creeping judas2756d ago

Driver 1 and Driver 2 are one of my favorite games of all time, and equate to all the fun I had playing them on the PS1. DRIV3R was just a pos game, that I cant believe I wasted my money on.

JohnnyMann4202756d ago

To me this doesn't seem like any Driver game. But if you think of it as a different IP then you might be able to tolerate it.

49erguy2756d ago

Guy in pic looks like a 50 year old sukmyturban, you know, the blackwido88 guy from youtube with the Socom is dead videos.

eddie4202755d ago

I Totally Disagree with u on the Driv3r subject, Driv3r as a whole is Awsome! The "Driving Physics" were spot on... The only thing that could of been handled better with D3 is the "On-Foot" play! "Driv3r's Story" was "EPIC". Dont get me wrong, The game was "Hard" Lol But, I injoy a challenge, Drivers always been a "Hard Game"! Thats why I feel I play it, Because every time Ive purchased a Driver game Ive felt I got my moneys worth... I hope Driver: San Francisco is worth the "LONG WAIT" for a "REAL Driver game". Because IMO, (In My Opinion) Driver: Parallel Lines was TRASH... Because it didnt follow Tanners story!! TannerFan4Life!!!!!! DRIVER4LIFE!!!!!! Cant wait for Driver: San Francisco!!! August 30Th I hope it Really comes out and is well worth the long wait since Driv3r!! REFLECTIONS4LIFE!!!!!!!

DarkSpawnClone2755d ago

Driver was in my top 5 games on ps1 i played the hell out of that game it was soo fun! i really hope they pull it off a lot of people are putting it down and saying its going to suck but i really hope and pray to god that it turns out really awesome! this games needs to make a come back!