Role Reversal: Becoming The Hunter in Prey 2

VG247: "Killian wakes after the plane crashes. We’re in the midst of the wreck, and we’re not on earth, although where exactly we’ve ended up isn’t known at the beginning. You’re the only survivor. You go to check the cockpit to gather information, but you immediately encounter alien resistance.

We start shooting and get a look at the new, “expanded” cover system. Killian still has his gun on him because he’s a US marshall and he’s allowed to carry weapons on planes. Why he was on the flight isn’t made clear.

You’re then shot by an enemy with the last thing you see and remember being a rifle butt to the face by slaver aliens. As Reinhart explains as we jump to a quarter of the way through the game, Killian’s woken up and actually has been on the planet, Exodus, for years."

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