IGN: Driver: San Francisco is Ridiculous

IGN writes: "The last time I saw Driver: San Francisco was nearly a year ago, and I remember walking away thinking that this game was a really dumb idea. You're always playing from behind the wheel -- and I'm fine with that -- but the whole thing happens in the main character's head. He's in a coma and you have these body-swapping abilities; it's ridiculous".

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soundslike2819d ago

too much hate for this game that they actually have to pander to it.

I don't know if its going to be good or not, but lately people let their first impressions of trailers years before release carry over as a mandate to hate on games they'll never even consider playing.

FragMnTagM2819d ago

Guess you didn't read the article then. It didn't really hate on the game per se, but it didn't exactly give it a glowing preview either.

Anyways, I get what you are saying, but this article is not really like that if you take the time to read it.

soundslike2819d ago

I did read it thats why I commented.

Read between the lines, the whole thing is targeted at the "skeptics" who can't tell the difference between being skeptical and closed minded.

FragMnTagM2819d ago

Sorry, didn't mean to single you out, but as I am sure you know, there are lots of people on this site that comment without reading.

I guess I read your post a little too fast is all.

Once again, I apologize for any misunderstanding.

SonyWarrior2819d ago

i would have liked a proper driver game not some coma induced craziness. they could have made an excellent open world game to rival GTA. but no they want you to float around like some casper wannabe.

BkaY2819d ago

i only want same driving physics as in driver 1...

thats it...


SuperLupe2819d ago

Forgot this game even existed. I'll be keeping my eyes open.

Ace_19752819d ago

The first driver was one of the most awesome games you could play back then, getting chased by cops was a thrill.

DeadIIIRed2819d ago

Yeah the police in first Driver actually feel like threats rather than nuisances. It's sad that this franchise gets brushed aside and forgotten so easily

JohnnyMann4202819d ago

Ehh I still think it's a real dumb idea. IGN didn't change my mind.

Kind of sucks because I would have liked this game but you are in a coma, can't leave your car...and you can warp into any car at any time?

What's the point?

So you expect me to care about a dream sequence...lazily hop from car to car, etc?

Nah that's cool. I will sit this one out.

newn4gguy2819d ago

Wow. I'm shocked at how close-minded that is.

This is the first legitimately unique take on racing since Burnout 1 and you bash it?

Get out...

JohnnyMann4202819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

No, they are reducing the things you would like to do and they are calling it a "feature"

I am just seeing it how it is.

Hell, at least they let you know that it's a "dream-sequence" story up front.

I'm not bitter and I am open minded, but talk about ruining the immersion of an open world game.

You mind hop from car to car, can't leave your car and the main character is in a coma which is a stupid idea considering this isn't a sci-fi or thriller. It's a damned stupid idea.

undercovrr2819d ago

Unique idea? Don't make me laugh. Like JohnnyMann420 mentioned, it looks more like lazy development

newn4gguy2819d ago

If they wanted to be lazy, they wouldn't change it up. This sounds great!

Then again, I hear a concept like this and let my mind run with it long enough that it creates something amazing!

Anyway...I hope this game doesn't disappoint you actual fans of the series. I know what it's like to have a favorite series butchered. So, bubbles to both of you. ^_^

gcolley2819d ago

the point is in the name, you can't really miss it

JackBNimble2819d ago

Since when was driver ever about racing?

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newn4gguy2819d ago

This wasn't anywhere near my radar...but now I'm intrigued!

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