The Value of Nostalgia: A Look at Collecting Classics

GameXplain Says: "But what if you’re a gamer who wants to do more than play those games? What if you want to collect the classics the same way motorists collect classic cars? Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell which game is going to be a rare find in the future. Sometimes it is dependent on the amount of copies printed, other times it’s on how revered the game is, still other times the entire console and by extension all the games on it are a rarity. The caveat to this is how much would it cost you?"

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newsguy2732d ago

I've got zelda 64 gold cartridge. Anyone else have that?

CDbiggen2732d ago

Can't say I do, but I do have an original SNES Link To The Past with box, map and instructions intact. Call me sad but I'm mighty proud of that. xD

darthv722732d ago

has to be batman the original game for the japanese mega drive. The story behind that one was back when nintendo had a lock on all of their 3rd party companies and tried preventing them from releasing anything on a competing system.

At that time the mega drive (genesis) was starting to take off and sunsoft made the game behind nintendos back. It wasnt to be released in the states because of the way nintendo worked.

I bought the japanese version and it is a good game but the box was very strange. It opened the wrong way a regular cart case did and it was considerably smaller. Havent seen one like that since (but then again I havent bought to many jp imports for the genesis).

Not to long after I got it, it was announced that nintendos lock had to be lifted and then sunsoft ported the game to america. There wasnt much needed to be done actually as the game was completely in english. just the cart design had to be changed to fit a non modified genesis (mine was rounded at the cart slot to fit this game and heavy barrel for the MD).

It may not be worth much but it is an interesting story when you think about the way things were with nintendo and sega back then. This game almost never made it out of japan so it could have been worth more.

andresegers2732d ago

Hell yeah gold cartridge!

oli2732d ago

i started gaming in the playstation era when i was 4. I dont collect retro games like most of these, but i do collect awesome JRPG's for the PS2/PS1 like disgaea, FFseries, mana khemia etc :)

kyl2772732d ago

I got plenty on N64 games but they are dirt cheap.

These games all have some value so it saddened me when retards at school destroyed 5 snes games lying in a "common room" because they were bored,

slaton242732d ago

well i have a rare system...the donkey kong 64 jungle system with controller

DaReapa2732d ago

Wow. The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Forgot all about that one. Man, I'm old, lol.

maniacmayhem2732d ago

Someone disagreed with you being old.

But seriously that was one bad a$$ game. Konami should revisit that game and give it the same treatment as Castlvania and Metal Gear.

ChickeyCantor2731d ago



That game was hard as hell =( xD

Prototype2732d ago

I still have Mario 3, Metal Gear and Snakes Revenge, Star Tropics 1 and 2, Original Gold Zelda 1, Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2, and a working NES that I've been playing while PSN's been down.

DaTruth2732d ago

Original Zelda 1 only comes in gold!

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