Harmonix 'Looking Hard' at 3DS, NGP and 'Looking Closely' at Facebook

Harmonix has already told IndustryGamers that it's going to have at least one bit of "significant" news to share at E3 in June, but exactly what that is remains a mystery. The developer behind music titles like Rock Band and Dance Central is exploring all options at the moment. One area that seems to have drawn interest perhaps is the portable space. IG asked Harmonix VP of Product Development Greg LoPiccolo about his studio supporting Nintendo 3DS or Sony's NGP later in the year.

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Dsnyder2733d ago

Facebook gaming is the best way to sell out. Looks like they are going the way of Guitar hero.

SpoonyRedMage2733d ago

Here's an idea: How about instead of just looking you actually F**king do something?