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CheatCC says - In 2008 Spore promised us the world but delivered nothing more than five barebones games and a pretty interesting character editor. Darkspore, EA and Maxis' follow up to their sim-everything disappointment, didn't promise the world. Instead, it promised us a decently enjoyable, top down, Diablo-esque, sci-fi RPG using what was perhaps the best part of the original Spore, the character editor. It's basically Maxis' first foray into the action RPG genre, and it shows. The game is a little rough around the edges, but is, as previously advertised, decently enjoyable.

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skynidas2756d ago

Will Wright is just like Peter Molyneux, hyping games and giving no results

lucifon2756d ago

Darkspore isn't a product of Will Wright, nor has he repeatedly hyped games and let us down. Sim City and the Sims are fantastic series.

lzim2756d ago

speaking about Spore, he's effectively correct. But yes, Wright was ejected long before this indignity was hatched.

lzim2756d ago

well that was worth it (opening the link, closing the link without reading anything).

V0LT2756d ago

I think it is a great game.