Hulu Plus free for 1st week on Xbox Live

Hulu Plus will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace this Friday on April 29th. To celebrate the occasion, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky will be allowing all Xbox Live Members (Free and Gold) that are in the US to access all of Hulu Plus’ shows, movies, and features for one week all for free. All the details are after the break!

Hulu Plus allows you to watch every episode of the current season of any program anytime you want with limited advertising. You can also view previous seasons for other popular shows anytime you please. Your Hulu Plus account will also be available on Apple products and the PS3.

Hulu Plus will be available on Xbox Live on April 29 and will be free for all Xbox Live members (Free and Gold) in the US for the first week of launch (Apr. 29 – May 6). This is a good deal and even if you don’t like it, enjoy all the Family Guy, The Office, and House episodes you can for a full week!

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WharenPeace2730d ago

Sadly, just for the US, as always. :( It kind of gets to you after a while, all the good features are never released to you because of arbitrary geographical reasons.

DrShoe2730d ago

They are an American company after all, so it makes sense that most of their features are for US citizens. It's definitely unfair, but so it goes. We pay more than the Americans for our live but get much less features.

Bigpappy2729d ago

There are feature in Europe and Japan that are not in the US. Plus different territories have different laws and providers. It could happen in other area's but might take a while.

ThePsychoGamer2729d ago

Might check it out, I hear Eden of the East is on Hulu, been wanting to watch that series but haven't got around to buying the blu-rays

yewles12729d ago

Thank god, something other than PSN news.

Zynga2729d ago

Lol so true man. Anyways I was looking for it this morning and couldn't find it anywhere.

jack who2729d ago

that why i have a tv and cable

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