PlayStation Network credit card info appears to be safe: 'No unauthorized activity relating to Sony'

"It looks like the beleaguered Sony finally caught a break. The company, which has struggled for over a week following a hacker attack that stole massive amounts of player information, says that it looks as though user credit card information remains secure and encrypted. It turns out that Sony had encrypted some personal info but not all of it.

Gamespot also reports that several financial companies, including MasterCard, WellsFargo and American Express, have witnessed "no unauthorized activity relating to Sony.""

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leogets4298d ago

Hahaha quality. So the story about maxed out credit cards and wotnot is pure lies. The internet man, its. The mother of all lies. Time for sony to flip the bird huh : D

-Alpha4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Lies, confusion, rumors, speculation-- it's clear with the number of articles/opinion pieces getting submitted that it's hard to discern truth from fact and to keep up with what's happening.

Until we get official answers the people submitting articles are going to try and take any information and try to make a story out of it-- whether it's based on good information or not.

Then you have the lying fanboys, the irresponsible reporters from no-name sites, the speculation... ugh

sdtarm4298d ago

and like always fanboys on N4G jumping to conclusions only to make a big deal out of nothing

Will-UK4298d ago

@Alpha-Male I agree
There has been a lot of scare mongering which has caused many to overreact over this issue.

Some of these incidents could be credible however im sure most are mere coincidence and scare mongering does not help.


''Lies, confusion, rumors, speculation'' Only on N4G with those Negative Multiple accounts.

ReservoirDog3164298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Yeah this is why we had to keep a leveled head while no name websites without sources scream to the skies that they know something know one else knows. It's the internet. We should be used to this stuff.

edit: It's good to know that, as long as no CC#s were stolen, this will eventually get go away. With the earthquake in japan, something as bad as 70 million CC#s getting stolen could've realistically bankrupt sony.

sikbeta4298d ago

So, lies end now, guess the people who was preparing everything to sue Sony over empty credit cards and the such, missed their chance, lol...

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v1c1ous4298d ago

i wouldn't say they are lies. maybe just CC info stolen and the owners, given the PSN's issues, decided to check their purchasing history and noticed fraudulent spending and maybe mistakenly assumed it was direct cause.

consequently my friend decided to check his CC cause of the PSN issue and just discovered fraudulent charges. not necessarily related, but good thing he caught wind of it now.

-Alpha4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I'm pretty sure some of the fanboys who don't even own a PS3 are spreading falsities. Some are just doing it for fun, and others may legitimately have been charged via correlation/causation. Not to say that everybody is lying, but it seems mighty convenient that all these people suddenly have fraudulent charges around the time of this incident.

It's just hard to believe anything considering the motivation of some of the reporters. Best to just wait IMO, if people were hacked I'm sure Sony would confirm it or more people would come out. If the report is just a few people without proof then I simply don't believe them.

jerethdagryphon4298d ago

whereas those of us with paranoia issues reacted and hit out panic buttons i now have new cards on there way and all passwords relating to my psn have been changed

theres nothing i can do about name and address without a klot of work so ill keep an eye out on stuff

gamingdroid4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Imagine the headline: "PSN hack caused me to discover fraudulent charges on my credit card!"

That's hilarious and would be very ironic.


If you are in the U.S., your adress and name is public information already.

The only thing that is private is your user name, password and of course Date of Birth.

All three pieces of information are important, because people tend to use the same user name and password on multiple sites (I do despite knowing the danger, but financial stuff is completely separated) and the DOB is often used to verify you by some companies.

Expect a lot of spam in your mailbox in addition though.

DaTruth4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Then I guess they should be thanking Sony! If this didn't happen, they wouldn't have checked their CCs and wouldn't know for a much longer time!

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xAlmostPro4298d ago

They've truely had it the worst from the shitty media here in the UK..

Acting like every single person lost their details and were having huge debts created in their names.

Can not stand the media over here

DaTruth4298d ago

This is the crap I've been talking about! Western media spewing all kinds of garbage without bothering to check facts when it has to do with successful foreign companies in hopes of propping up their own economies. Protectionist media: the newest Propaganda.

xAlmostPro4298d ago

@DaTruth yeah man. Even Watchdog a show which is supposed to state nothing but facts to ensure we as customers know the truth about situations were using rumours and blatantly false information on the issue while covering it.

I even emailed that the show should be tested with it's own methods because they clearly used false infomation and provided them with sources etc.

Not that it'll make a difference or make them change their mind but yeah, it's a shambles.

Master of Unlocking4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

@ almostpro
Only one thing worse in England than the bad weather: the tabloids.
The Sun, Daily Mail & co. can kiss my @$$.

Will-UK4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Hopefully the PSN returns with much more robust security and this does not occur again.

When sony find the culprits theirs going to be serious punishments.

elite-shot4298d ago

I can't bare people having something bad to say about sony... :L not that i get that butt hurt but it's annoying :)

MrBeatdown4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Not lies. Just idiots who don't understand that out of millions of PSN users, some are bound to fall victim to CC fraud, whether it is Sony's fault or not.

And call me crazy, but if this data was stolen a week or more ago, and we haven't seen much come of it, I doubt we will. A lot of the critical info like passwords and CC numbers is pretty time sensitive. Waiting a week means that passwords will be changed, and credit cards will be canceled, or closely monitored. Anyone who has this information, if they have it at all, would want to capitalize on it immediately, not wait until a lot of the most sensitive info becomes useless.

Sure, our emails, names, and PSN IDs will always be accurate, but that's only helpful when it comes to spam and phishing, which is nowhere near as damaging as exposed passwords and CC info. Seeing as how nothing significant has come from this, it makes me think the hacker doesn't have the data, or had no intention of using it. If they were smart enough to pull this off and had the intention of selling/using it, they would have known to strike while the iron is hot, not wait until the value of the data diminishes.

jke824298d ago

well said mrbeatdown there is a huge lack of thought like this on n4g

zeddy4298d ago

credit card info is safe but emails accounts arent thats one way they might get at you.

ziggurcat4298d ago

right and i could have easily found out any of that information by doing a google search.

ziggurcat4298d ago

not necessarily lies, but definitely no correlation to the PSN situation.

purely coincidental/circumstantial.

TBM4298d ago

the US media is good for using scare tactics when a bad situation happens. i read am bitmob article today and i realize the most important piece of info that this hackers didnt get was my SS# because Sony never asked for it.

besides i didn't even panic when PSN went down as long as our CC or DC numbers were encrypted, and SS# were never used to make our accounts i just went about my daily routine.

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Bigpappy4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

I think this is very goon news for users. Now I hope that the hackers are as caring with peoples personal info. Credit Cards you can just cancel if caught on time, personal info is a bigger issue, because it can be used to open new card accounts and create false documents and so forth. PSN users are still at the mercy of the hackers. I don't think these hackers ever intended to do anything with the info though (at least that is what I am hoping for). Innocent people don't need to be hurt in this Sony VS Hacker war, even if some of them are dumb ass loyalist who don't understand what they are faced with.

Neo Nugget4298d ago

Well it's not like they have your Social Security #. Kinda hard to do much damage without that.

blackburn54298d ago

What are you taking about? You can't use the data on PSN to make new credit cards and falsify documents. By that logic I could take the phone book to get your name, address and phone number and use those. All the credit card info was encrypted and everyone who has been warned has either cancelled their debit and credit cards to get new ones or are watching their credit cards like a hawk. And once we get PSN back we change our passwords and they can't use our accounts. So what, my trolling friend are you blathering about? @ Neo Nugget Exactly, thank you for making sense instead of using mob mentality

mirumu4298d ago

If the hackers extracted data from the database then they have it permanently. Changing your password isn't going to change that.

But yes, I wouldn't have thought the data in the PSN account would be enough to run around and get new credit cards and falsify documents. Someone malicious could still probably cause some chaos with it, but it's hard to see what the hackers would gain from doing that.

Bigpappy4298d ago

I hope you are right. I do not have a PSN account, nor do I have details on what was vulnerable. All I can remember, Sony saying, from the top of my head, is that addresses, email, passwords, login info might have been taken. I would just like for people to be aware that the more info people have one you the more likely it is to get your ID stolen. They do not need your social, and if they have enough pieces of personal info on you, they can get that too. I am not trying to scare or panic anyone, but you should place close attention to your physical and email, as well as open those credit card offers to see they are pre-approved, before tossing them. Don't just sit there and play games unless you have nothing to loose.

offdawall4298d ago

PSN is fine ... there is like 75 million regestered users an NO one lost any money , this is just media .... now sony is just taking their time an doing wat is best which is strenghtening the security .

ionlyneedonebubble4298d ago

It was obvious from the start the hackers didn't do this for the purpose of CC info. They just wanted to show another corporation whose boss.

v1c1ous4298d ago

how do you know?

sometimes hackers wait for months till the heat dies down until they start striking. some hackers dont even use the info, they instead sell them to other hackers.

this process can take time. in fact, you might not even start seeing the damage till half a year from now.

mirumu4298d ago

Yes, unfortunately that is possible. Many here are being a bit quick to celebrate.

Still, this is a good sign. There hasn't been massive credit card theft already. Hopefully it stays that way.

SpLinT4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

only because they were encrypted . I consider it a win for Sony and a fail for the hackers

mirumu4298d ago

We don't know anything about the encryption unfortunately. The encryption on the PS3 had some fatal flaws that made it very easy to break so Sony's track record here isn't great. Hopefully the encryption here is much stronger. Time will tell.

labaronx4298d ago

yeah and know those same corporations, get to send their lobbyist to capital hill, and urge for stronger laws limiting our freedoms even more

not arguing but how does any off this help any of us when big business decides whats law

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