Microsoft posts $5.23 billion Net Profit Thanks to Xbox & Office

Gamertag Radio writes: "Microsoft reports sales of $16.4 billion and a profit of $5.2 billion thanks to Office 2010 and Xbox."

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gaffyh2819d ago

Main thing that we should take from this, no way will MS release a new console next year or this year when they continue to make money on the 360. So hopefully the next gen will not be rushed like the PS3 and 360 were.

NewMonday2819d ago

I'm dreaming of a windows tablet with Steam built in.

For the tech nerds here, is it possible to put a decent graphics chip in a tablet that can run PC games at medium settings?

gaffyh2819d ago

Should be, Dead Space on iPad looks amazing, almost as good as the console versions of the game. Obviously controls are very limited though.

NewMonday2819d ago

RPG RTS and adventure games are a natural fit for tablets.

AAACE52819d ago

Hell, i'm dreaming of a version of Windows that allows me to play Dune 2000!

Yeah, it's an aquired taste, but I loved that game! Once played for 25 hours straight!

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lelo2play2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Who the hell can disagree with you ?

I guess $5.23 billion Net Profit for one quarter is not impressive then. /s

cyborg69712819d ago

The title would be closer to the truth if they omitted the xbox from the title.

green2819d ago

"Entertainment & Devices Division grew 60% year-over-year, fueled by Kinect for Xbox 360, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history, continued strong Xbox 360 console sales and growth of Xbox Live"

5.5 years later and the XBOX brand is still growing. Microsoft must really be pleased with their performance this gen. If i made a bet about the outcome of the xbox brand at the beginning of this gen. I sure would have lost.

-MoOkS-2819d ago

Who would have thought that they would be in the position they are now. Look how the xbox got trampled on by the PS2, this gen it's the other way around - the 360 has trampled on the PS3, and now owns a huge percentage of the gaming industry.

Just goes to show what happens when you believe in the product you are selling and have a vision

2819d ago
maniacmayhem2819d ago


I think you read Mooks comment wrong because he actually says the PS2 destroyed the xbox.

careful reading goeas a long way.

Echo3072819d ago


It's because the original Xbox was crushed by the PS2 that makes what the 360 has done so impressive. Honestly, Microsoft had no business being where they are now after the terrible financial start they had last gen. Pair that with the hiccups this gen (RROD) and there's no reason Sony shouldn't be CRUSHING the Xbox brand this gen.

But, Microsoft has been lucky that Sony has repeatedly dropped the ball this gen, which left the door wide open for the them to step in and take a rightful place as an industry mainstay.

militant072819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )


this is money news.

why the fuck you're bring quality in argument trying to prove that microsoft isn't doing good financially.

bratman2819d ago

@ maniac

im not disagreeing with the the you or echo said but im pretty sure that stealth is just foucusing on the comment about 360 trampling ps3, if what ps2 did was trampling how is the 360 trampling the ps3?

3+ million =/= 125+ million

evrfighter2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Mooks your information is completely false or my favorite phrase pure fuckery. PS2 Destroyed the Xbox...."

you see kids. What we have here is a classic case of a fanboy seeing nothing but red bloody rage before getting past the first sentence of a comment that doesn't share the same views as his own. aka fanboyism

lesson for today. Don't drink the fanboy koolaid. you are no longer able to hold intelligent conversations when you do.

2819d ago
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shikamaroooo2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

@ mooks i Lol'D

@echno fun fact the ps2 only starting selling quick when it hit the $199 price and the fact that the ps3 is a higher price tag and has outsold the Xbox 360 3 WW for 3 years and now the Wii by double in japan again with a HIGHER price tag how is that not impressive don't forget there's also a cheap Xbox 360

Echo3072819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

That doesn't change the fact that this shouldn't be an even remotely close race. Everyone knew what the PlayStation brand was going in to this gen. Not everyone knew what the Xbox was. Cheaper or not, it's still capable of everything the PS3 is with the exception of bluray.

Lucky for them, Sony was caught with their pants down and rushed the PS3 to the market. Meaning it was way more expensive, it was stripped of many features they promised when it was announced, the network was complete garbage for the first 2-3 years of its life, and here we are again with the PSN fiasco.

Just saying, what MS has done is impressive, but had Sony not repeatedly handled things the wrong way, this gen wouldn't even be close.

Microsoft had a MUCH better grasp of what consumers wanted and how much they were willing to pay for it going in to this gen. Now, they're reaping the rewards.

They've taken a brand people were skeptical of last gen and turned it in to a household name that's right on par with the industry juggernaut from last gen.

Simco8762819d ago

At least they don't release an OS every year, or I will call them ENCOM ha!

Fallouts2819d ago


so now i know they are making some serious profit, no reason why they cant grow their first party. i hope they do it will give me confidence that they plan on releasing a next gen console...

offdawall2819d ago

good for them .... im sure sony's profits are insane also ... i mean they sell just about every product/electronic known to man ....only looser here is nintendo all they have is video games

2819d ago
maniacmayhem2819d ago

You're crazy if you think Nintendo isn't making billions.

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