GameSpot: Madden NFL 12 First Look Preview

GameSpot writes: "Last week we brought you our first impressions of NCAA Football 12, a game that's aiming to capture the freewheeling spirit of the college game with team celebrations, a broadcast overhaul, and a number of other visual bells and whistles. With today's NFL Draft, it's only fitting that we move on up to the professional ranks as we talk about this year's Madden game".

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offdawall2820d ago

they shudda put vick on the cover , no one even knows who that other guy is

xGet_In_There2820d ago

apparently people do, he won. Fans voted for him.

skynidas2820d ago

Well, Cleveland fans were the ones making the huge campaign.

xGet_In_There2820d ago

@ sky

it worked haha. I am one of them. It was posted on my FB wall 3-4 times a week. Although I despise Madden I have to pick this up only because he is on the cover now.

discoworld2820d ago

same engine same bs game we need 2k or sony to make nfl football game for us they would do way better job they EA ,just look at 2k basketball and mlb da !!!!!

KDubyah2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Ever played Backbreaker? I think it's a good football game, very different.
Obviously not NFL teams, though, there are ways to implement NFL teams.

KDubyah2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Man, I don't know why they still have animated tackles ..
They should look at BackBreaker, and borrow from it's tackling.
They had some vicious(!) tackles in that game, and they were always different.
Not to mention, occasionally, you could have multiple people tackle the ball carrier.
Which, to me, seemed the group tackling worked much better than that of EA's Madden

ForROME2820d ago

My god, can we get SONY or 2K making football games again, they make zero improvements every year what a waste of talent and time.

2K had it down in early 2000 and SONY was a catching up quick with 989 sports but you know what happened? EA made a deal not to put games on dreamcast if SONY would not compete with EA titles via 989

LAME, EA need to give it up, they have gone stale

MysticStrummer2820d ago

Haven't bought Madden since 05, and once again I see no reason to break that streak.

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