Was Sony Compromised By Snake? Arsenal Gear, the shell and fortress that houses The Patriots' Core AI system, GW. If it isn't taken out, The Patriots can use it to control the flow of digital information. With the future of the world and the freedom of information at stake, Snake and Raiden dive deep into the bowels of Arsenal…

Sound familiar? I bet it does. With all the drama surrounding Sony and PSN, you can't help but wonder if their database was hacked by a flippin' professional spy. Yes, I know hackers are a talented group of individuals, and not all of them are malicious, it just so happened that the one that attacked GW - uh, I mean, Sony seems to be rather nasty. So were The Patriots indeed attacked by Snake? It really wouldn't be that surprising.

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2fk2733d ago

this make me want to play MGS4 good thing u dont need to be online to play such an epic single player

gamingdroid2733d ago

Now if they can only patch in Trophies!

AAACE52733d ago

Was thinking about playing God of War 3 again, but MGS 4 would be a good one!

tweex2733d ago

I has the haxors skillz!

All kidding aside, I can't really imagine the kind of attack Sony endured if it's taking them this long.

ShawnCollier2733d ago


Being serious though, this must have been one hell of an attack if it's taking this long to fix things.

ionlyneedonebubble2733d ago

Sony wasn't compromised, we the gamers were compromised.

gamingdroid2733d ago

That's a very good way of putting it. Consumers are the ones hurt the most, because your information in the wild can NOT be retracted.

Sony's reputation will recover, but potential identity theft or credit card fraud can be a nightmare to fight.

ThePsychoGamer2733d ago

Snake! You've created a time paradox!

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