GamesRadar: 5 reasons to hate Mass Effect

GamesRadar writes: "Mass Effect is one of the greatest series of this console generation – in the top three, easily. But even our dearest loved ones get on our nerves from time to time, like when they make you take really slow elevator rides, or clutter the whole house with piles of tedious inventory. It's better to get these things off your chest from time to time, rather than let everything build up, so here are our five biggest grievances with our dearly beloved space opera. We hate because we love".

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ionlyneedonebubble2728d ago

Mass Effect 2 was ok... My friend bought through PS Store and let me download it off of him for free. (that just made me miss PSN so much more) Honestly it could have stayed an xbox exclusive and I wouldn't have cared. Its cool we have it on PS3 now tho.

RedDead2728d ago

Same aswell, I think what really turned it down for me was the mining system(don't tell me it wasn't necessary aswell, i was if you wanted to live!)

JoySticksFTW2728d ago

ME2's play mechanics were more streamlined, but I actually liked the first ME's story a whole lot better than ME2's.

I felt the same way about Uncharted's story over U2's though.

I would say that playing ME2 without first playing ME may do a great disservice to the story and to yourselves.

The biggest kick out of ME2 for me was see the results of all of the choices I made in ME1... from major plot points to minor characters. It all plays out in ME2, and you feel closer to characters like Garus that made it through the first game with you.

PS3-only gamers may miss that thrill.

ionlyneedonebubble2728d ago

Uncharted has a better multiplayer than story. Im not a fan of straight line environments with little to no world to explore.

tigertron2728d ago

What stupid reasons. A reason to hate the series is because you can't have a gay male? who cares?


I'll give them the suicide mission, because unless you've spoiled yourself the chances are you might lose squad mates. Just upgrade the Normandy's armour, shields and weapons. Oh, and make sure everyone is loyal. You don't have to though...

JoySticksFTW2728d ago

Yeah, and be smart about your choices, like don't have Grunt lead a stealth mission.

And if one of your crew keeps dying (like the scientist), try having him escort the rescued crew back to the ship.

He'll survive with them, and won't be in the line of fire to die around you.

ZeroChaos2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

To sex up Wrex? :P

Anyway seriously though, it does show the unnerving clouded point of view Bioware has. If technology has advanced so much but the society in which we live in hasn't, considering we're in space and all.

A choice would have been nice, but not Dragon Age 2 choice that was just horrible.

Sheikh Yerbouti2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Real reason:

Girl on girl = Kissing, licking, petting.
Guy on Guy = Sodomy.

Besides, I wouldn't want the image of a krogan's quad slapping me on the backside. Don't Ask, Don't Tell!! lol

Jacks_Medulla2728d ago

You do realize this article is a joke, don't you? It is part of Gamesradar's week of hate.

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earbus2728d ago

Cant please everyone at the intergalactic cyber orgy,bad geth breath.

Robearboy2728d ago

Mass effect 1 was much better then 2, it would be great if Bioware went back to the original and finished the Job off

ct032728d ago

Agreed, Mass Effect 1 is in my all-time Top 5. Such an epic game.

Lindsey2728d ago

*Spoiler Alert*

The worst part of ME2 for me is the fact that sometimes it's really hard to tell how a character will react to something you say. Like that entire mission where you had to get the Blue Alien chick back to her house so her mother could kill her.

soundslike2728d ago

"where you had to get the Blue Alien chick back to her house so her mother could kill her. "

In retrospect maybe that mission was a bit weird, now that you lay it out like that.

Really though, if you talk to the other people, some of them will tell you what she likes, then you just pick the most "i dont give a fuck" snoody options.

Lindsey2728d ago

I understood what to do, but when it came time to ask the questions it was a little confusing because the questions and responses were a little abstract. I think for ME3 they should implement the Dragon Age II conversation indicators.

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