Videogamer: Driver: San Francisco Preview

Videogamer writes: "You have to take Driver: San Francisco with a pinch of salt, or - if you're less forgiving of the supernatural than I - a generous handful. The narrative underpinning the innovative new Shift mechanic is a little...out there. As Tanner cruises the sun-drenched streets of San Francisco, he can choose to ditch his iconic Dodge Challenger in favour of any other car on the roads. Not by jumping out and jacking it GTA-style, though. Oh no. He can project his consciousness into the body of another driver, becoming that person. Yeah. But it's fine, he doesn't actually possess superhuman powers, because he's dreaming the whole thing!"

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DocHoliday2733d ago

The first driver was the best and I felt like DriverII, for the Ps1, was the closest thing to a 3D Grand theft auto game in it's time.