IGN: 5 New Things in Madden NFL 12

EA doesn't care if there's an NFL football season -- it's still set to release Madden NFL 12 on August 30. And the team at Tiburon is looking to bring some big improvements this year.

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thugbob2733d ago

The same exact things EA boasted last year except for presentation which really isn't an important improvement. Superstar mode better be like 2K's my player mode and franchise mode better be good.

nevin12733d ago

in 2K my player, i just like online pick up games. im not a fan of these modes that focuses on 1 player as it find it boring. a interview after every game is just ridiculous.

daghost11252733d ago

havent purchased a madden games since 07 but I have been following every year to see if it actually worth buying. It seems I will pass again...