View From The Inside: The Midnight Launch

So there I was, hands deep in pockets, collar pulled tight guarding against the chill of the night air. The cold November rain gently washed over my face making me long for the warmth and comfort of my all too distant bed. A quick glance at my watch, followed by a disappointed sigh, how time crawls when you’re a million miles away from fun. All the while my inner and far more intelligent self asked the same questions on a loop, ‘Why am I here?’ ‘I knew this wasn’t a good idea.’ ‘Has my watched stopped?’ At least I wasn’t alone. If there was the slightest chink of light amidst the current gloom I felt, that was it. I wasn’t the only one foolish enough to be here. In fact much to my initial bewilderment I was part of what could only be described as a crowd…..wait, not a crowd…a gathering. A gathering of like-minded, foolish souls.

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GameGambits2731d ago

Every midnight launch I've been to has always put me right behind the guy who showers the least in his entire life. :(