GAMER-0 # 66: PSN's Down Should Sony Be Blamed?

T-Hill writes:So PSN is down and everybody is ready to jump on the bash Sony wagon...the thing is none of this is Sony's fault. With so much miss information and piss poor reporting by small and large sites...IGN I'm looking at you that the average gamer is left completely ignorant to who should be blamed.

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ionlyneedonebubble2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

Even if they do get the blame, how does this help us the gamers?

Oh and I like how you check your phone mid interview. Thats was professional.

Spawn-KING2733d ago

OMG,its the Hacker or Hackers .

iistuii2733d ago

But let's imagine your bank gets robbed but it was made easier because the bank manager left the bank unlocked & safe door open. The robbers would go to jail, but the manager would be sacked. Sony must take some responsibility, we can't keep defending them.Just hope it's not much longer I've got Socom to play, but on the other hand I'm ranking up nicely on the Gears beta.

beavis4play2733d ago

i think that's a very poor analogy. if someone breaks into your house - would you blame yourself? no -because in that instance, YOU were the victim of a crime. and don't deny you wouldn't be angry at the thief. here, sony and all of us psn users are victims of a crime. why don't you say: at some point the criminal has to take some responsibility for what he/she has done? anyone who tries to craft the argument you're posting here never, EVER brings up the role of the hacker/criminal in this.
i'm mad at the hacker - i hope the person is caught and thrown in jail for a long time.

as far as you "ranking up nicely on the Gears beta"? i don't know what that has to do with the rest of your post, so i can't comment on it.

iistuii2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

No I would blame the thief, and id wanna kick is head in,however if I went out and left all the doors and windows open and my wallet on the side, I'd feel a little to blame. As for Gears beta, I'm saying at least I can still have some MP fun, but I think you knew what I meant.

beavis4play2732d ago

iistuii - no problem with least i see where you're coming from. we do not see eye to eye on that. i don't care if i leave my door open - someone enters it and sh1t hits the fan. ALL the blame is on the criminal as far as i'm concerned.

r1sh122733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

OMG....There are too many articles being posted with pointless views.
The simple fact, any network or system will eventually be hacked so the hack and down time is not sonys fault.
What the biggest issues that many have are with sonys lack of updates at the start of this fiasco and the fact that personal data was not encrypted.
If most are unaware - Personal Info has more value than credit cards.
I remember someone saying its not like the hackers have social security numbers (USA)/ National insurance (UK) - but the point of personal details is that those specific ID's can be found out using personal details via voter registration and historical council logs etc...
The blame on sony is lack of security on the data, not how secure the network is.
BTW can we get some other news on this site please?

SilverSlug2733d ago

Should Sony be blamed for being hacked? No. Hacking happens. They should be blamed for not encrypting user data and not telling consumers at the first sign that their information might have been stolen.

iistuii2733d ago

Spot on. I just like a little story to explain mine lol.

Jihaad_cpt2733d ago

So let me see if I get this straight we should blame the airports for September 11? Because they didn't make it hard for people to hijack a plane. So all those people that died don't worry it's not the people who hijacked the planer fault it's the port authorities fault...

Danniel12733d ago

Thats a ridiculus example, sony can't stop a determined hacker they'll always get in but they absolutly should protect the personal details of their customers.

beavis4play2733d ago

a determined hacker can't be stopped - but you then suggest that sony must always protect the personal details of customers? how could any company or site protect anything if a determined hacker will "always get in"?

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