How Should Microsoft Respond To The Playstation Fiasco?

With the situation at Sony sweeping the gaming industry right now, how should Microsoft react? In our opinion, they have three clear-cut choices.

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lociefer2729d ago

by shutting the fck up lol

AAACE52728d ago

How should they respond.... I'll quote Jay Z...

"...What he said I said has been said before... Just keep doing your thing he said... Say no more..."

blumatt2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

They need to respond with something professional and mature. Don't try to be sarcastic or throw insults at them. I think they should be respectful as the same thing could happen to them as has happened to Sony.

Truthfully, it won't really matter what they say. Some people will get mad no matter what they say, and most people will not care what they say.

What we all need to learn about this situation is that our personal information needs to be protected at all costs. Be careful with putting sensitive information anywhere on the internet or on your game consoles.

For once, I agree with your comment. Very good to see you be respectful to this situation.

morkendo232728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

hackers would love to see MS acting stupid about now best for MS keep quiet
end of story.

ComboBreaker2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Jacking up the price of Xbox Live once more, claiming "for security concerns and upgrades".

In other word...

Microsoft: "If you don't want your credit card to be stolen, you better price a higher price for Xbox Live."

This is the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to jack up the price of Xbox Live without any blacklash from 360 gamers.

Blad3star2728d ago

One month of free Live for all PS3 gamers.

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Octo12729d ago

Option 3. Because you know that as soon as you "call out" someone something happens that just makes you look equally bad if not worse.

Bigpappy2729d ago

I thought they already did. They are obviously not going to make a direct comment. They are not stupid. M$ is fine with Sony and the hackers fighting it out. M$ already have their own share of problems with people modifying 360. You can forget about M$ making any bad comments towards Sony and this situation.

ionlyneedonebubble2729d ago

They should give away free xbox 360's so PSNless gamers can game on.

Fallouts2729d ago

im surprised they havnt... im sure though that they know how seriouos the problem is and that kinda problem can happen to ms too. it can happen to anyone so im sure they dont want egg on their face if they had to go through it.

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