Drunk on Judgement - Nintendo 3DS Review: One Month and $250 Later

Drunk on Judgement - On March 27th, 2011, after much deliberation regarding where we would make our purchase, we finally got our hands on a Nintendo 3DS console that wasn’t bolted to a podium at knee level. Thanks to a great deal at Toys R Us, we also picked up both Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars for a decent price. Seeing as the console retails at a staggering $249.99, we weren't surprised to find ourselves alone at the checkout counter. We’ve spent a month now with Nintendo’s glasses free 3D system, and we are now ready to share our experience.

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Kran2819d ago

This site is bound to give the 3DS a good review. All sites seem t-


a 2/5? WHAT?1 o.O That's surprising.

drunkonjudgement2819d ago

Haha, I think we justify our score in the review

Shok2819d ago

2/5? Seriously? I mean, you're entitled to your opinion, but 2/5 = Bad, so you're saying that the 3DS is a BAD system?

drunkonjudgement2819d ago

As it stands right now, yes, I would say that. But trust me, I didn't spend over $300 on the system to go in predisposed to dislike it.

erasure2422819d ago

Hey its all good man. The 3DS sucks in this dudes eyes, but man you should read his ace review on the "Trans-Siberian Orchestra"... This gave um a ripping 5/5. This site even thinks "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is superior to the Nintendo 3DS, giving that teen-loving flick a 3/5. Maybe some of us need to be drunk to read that site.

VampiricDragon_2819d ago ShowReplies(3)
erasure2422819d ago

Yawn... Your "blog" also gave some shitty Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston movie a 4/5... That alone makes you lose all credibility...

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Venox20082819d ago

Interesting what score will be on 3DS by the end of this year :)

perfectCarbonara2819d ago ShowReplies(1)
VampiricDragon_2819d ago ShowReplies(3)
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