B.S. Story of the Day: THQ and Nintendo IP

Getting linked all over the Internet today is a story that points to an SEC filing by game publisher THQ, that says the publisher has licensed "intellectual property" from Nintendo.

Indeed they are. But the rabbit hole goes deeper! Other publishers that have licensed "intellectual property" from Nintendo include: every single publisher that has ever made a game that appeared on a Nintendo platform. But for some reason, this bog-standard agreement is being hyped up as "THQ enters confidential alliance with Nintendo and is going to make games featuring Nintendo characters! OMG!"

Nope. They're just renewing the same standard contract that lets them use Nintendo's confidential information about its hardware and business in the making of their own games.


THQ confirmed this to GameDaily BIZ:

A THQ representative has informed GameDaily BIZ that the SEC filing is simply "referring to a standard renewal of our publishing agreement with Nintendo." He added, "We have similar agreements with all the hardware manufacturers."

So why the mention of certain Nintendo IP? The THQ rep claims that it's about things like the Nintendo seal, etc. It's "business as usual," he said.

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PS360WII4020d ago

well that cleared that up

MaximusPaynicus4020d ago

For once I can't fault anyone for this rumor. The wording of the actual filing by THQ was pretty suspect. This was an easy mistake to make.

Cat4020d ago

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