What To Expect From Call Of The Dead

So now we have some insight into just what kind of crazy new zombie splattering madness Treyarch have been fitting together for us, and We Got This Covered doesn’t think anyone was expecting this. The official trailer went live a couple of days ago and gamers were shocked and delighted to learn that the new characters are a team of Hollywood ass-kickers.

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Wick2734d ago

I'm a big horror movie geek as well as a Buffy fan. So I'm looking forward to this. Romero plus Buffy. Awesome.

It actually looks pretty fun gameplay wise. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional zombie mode, but this map seems more traditional.

RaymondM2734d ago

This game came out of nowhere and such star power behind it. It looks great to boot. I'm definitely going to check it out.
Also, Danny Trejo and a machete; awesome