OXM: Wills & Kate Special: Doomed Videogame Couples

OXM UK's "Lord Spiffington" celebrates the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton by recalling a few videogame relationships that hit the wall.

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RememberThe3572733d ago

Isn't this wedding happening soon?

BattleAxe2733d ago

Great, a bunch of self entitled elites taking part in a marriage. I wish the British people would vote to disband the royals.

creamsoda2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

It's actually happening in a couple of hours, it's live on tv.

(Not that I really give a shit)

Sam Fisher2733d ago

i was more interested on November's games than this crap, these people dont benefit me at all. but i do wish the best for them..... i guess.

on other news sony news single handely took the spot light from the prince, i must say good job to the gaming industry if i do say so myself

ATiElite2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

it's 3:30 a.m. and I'm just 30 minutes away from watching their wedding.

then I will be 3 years away from watching their Divorce.

Constitutional Republic > Constitutional Monarchy

cpt_kaos2733d ago

Shit I'm surprised it's taken this long for some royal intrusion on this site. ;)

kramun2733d ago

I'm glad they're getting married, I really am. I get a day off and I'm going to enjoy my long weekend. I won't be watching the wedding but thanks Will and Kate anyway. Now we need to get Harry married and I can enjoy another paid day off.

Electroshocked2733d ago

For all those who say that the royal wedding isn't important and that the PSN outage has ''taken the spot light'' here is a news flash for you, the royal wedding will be watched by two billion people, yes, that is billion with a ''B'' and for all those who say that they don't ''give a shit'' about the royal wedding should know that no one cares if you ''give a shit'' or not and that you should have some God damn respect.

jetlian2733d ago

this 2011 not 1120. Their shit still stinks no one gives a damn. hell if they was in my face right now I would issue them the pimp hand

iistuii2733d ago

And if it was Harry he'd give you a slap.

jetlian2733d ago

please those clowns are sissy boys. go play rugby or something

Psycho_Mantis2733d ago

And why is this wedding news anyways..?? Who in the flying fuck gives two shits about these two getting married? : /

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