New Madden NFL 12 Presentation and Gameplay Screens

Today EA Sports released some new screenshots for Madden NFL 12 showing off the revamped presentation and gameplay. The new presentation is set to give gamers the most authentic broadcast views and camera angels and will feature team specific pre-game run outs, mascots and yes cheerleaders. Check them out!

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TheLiztress2728d ago

Not much of a sports fan but those graphics look mighty nice.

rrquinta2728d ago

Wow it's literally a giant bear attacking everyone! They should do that at every football game in real life. (LOL)

PS360PCROCKS2727d ago

All i can think about is how ridiculous next gen football is going to look. This looks great, and with hew hardware in the next few years? It's going to be so realistic

gamecock2727d ago

yup,and finally the uniforms,and helment scuffs,from the field is back.looks great.