Ubisoft Dates E3 2011 Briefing for June 6

Ubisoft’s pinned a date on its E3 2011 press conference, sending word by way of a “save the date” email that the event will kick off June 6 at 2:30 p.m., a day before E3 begins.

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ksense2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

what is with everyone going early lol. EA and Ubisoft going a day before e3 begins. sony and microsoft both on the first day. o well this should be a really exciting e3 me believes.

@below i mean they r showing off earlier than they did last year. last year i think sony and ubisoft did their presentations on the second day of e3

TheBeast2729d ago

So they can show their brand new stuff at E3? It only makes sense.

TOO PAWNED2729d ago

This is how it should be for every E3.All press conferences one day prior to E3.
Can someone write time - in order of who is first - of all press conferences that are known so far(only EA left to announce)?

TheBeast2729d ago

Ubisoft: June 6 at 2:30 p.m
Microsoft: 10:00 a.m
Sony: 5:00 p.m
June 7th is Nintendo's at 9:00A.M ish. (Still unconfirmed)
So in order:

Microsoft: 10am
Ubisoft: 2:30 pm
Sony: 5:00pm
Nintendo June 7th 9:00 am

The first three conferences are being held on June 6th. Hope this helps.

Cat2729d ago

I'm grateful - it'll be way easier than last year (Sony and Nintendo the day the doors open, eek!).

NYC_Gamer2729d ago

i want to see a real splinter cell title get announced

m232729d ago

Conviction was not Splinter Cell, that was some other crap. I was really disappointed at what they did with that game, I want stealth. Even double agent blew that game away, in terms of being a Splinter Cell game.

NYC_Gamer2729d ago

100% agree,it was just some mainstream casual garbage.

Venox20082729d ago

like a game itself SC:C wasn't bad .. but it wasn't real SC experience and too easy :)

SnakeMustDie2729d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 or bust.

MrBeatdown2729d ago

And James Cameron rambling on about Avatar for three hours!


jaxx3772729d ago

Another Rainbow Six title is long overdue

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