PSN: Security expert feels unawareness the cause of security breach "Often many big corporates and organization have extreme security for their data. And Sony's case was no different. When you have almost 70 million accounts at stake the security should have been tighter."

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Strikepackage Bravo2820d ago

What he fails to understand is that Sony is operating PSN with a restricted budget. PSN is a free service and thus the return on cutting edge state of the art security systems would have been seen as a no return investment by Sony management.

Couple that with a fan base that worships the ground the company rests on and Sony probably felt that they would be the last ones to be targeted by any kind of attack before all this Geohot stuff came along.

Microsoft however is universally hated, and is earning cash to burn, they most likely have a security system in place that would put the Pentagons to shame.

ravinash2820d ago

You are talking about the same company that made windows!!!

What happen to Sony can just as easily happen to MS.
We don't know the details of who or why they did it, protest about Geohot or maybe actually trying to hack to get personal info and credit card details.

Companies that have an online service will always be a target.
Its just that in this case it was Sony that was hit.

Redempteur2820d ago

"they most likely have a security system in place that would put the Pentagons to shame. "

WTF did you smoke ?

i 'd understand if you were talking about military research or Pharmaceutical research ... but you're getting way ahead in your assumptions

Menech2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Fact is Microsoft still have ALOT more experience dealing with security threats then Sony.

The hacking community working against Windows OS for whatever reason must be at least 500x bigger then the hacking community working against the PS3.

There's a lot more money in hacking windows then there is in hacking the PS3. Only the most blind loyal fanboys on the planet would try and pretend Microsoft ain't better then Sony when it comes to security.

fedexas2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

...Can someone translate what this guy just said? Because I got nothing on this. :/

Strikepackage Bravo, you keep saying that people are worshiping Sony. Why? Because they're using common sense and weighing the options as to what could have happened instead of dismissing the situation as 'Sony had crappy/shoddy security'? For heaven's sake, Microsoft has dealt with hackers as well. The Pentagon itself was hacked. Banks have been hacked.


Again, LOGIC escapes some people.

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halocursed2820d ago

I just want it to be fixed ASAP, I feel bad for Sony employees they are probably working overtime to get this fixed.

PhilipLarkin2820d ago

Same. Really, I think they're pulling their hair out.

2fk2820d ago

keep the PSN articles coming cuz we're not annoyed of them...and its basically always same info ugh

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SpLinT2820d ago

i wish i knew where these hackers were located. id take care of them myself, figuratively not physically

Menech2820d ago

Yeah killing another for brand loyalty doesn't really bold well for the future of the human race.

Menech2820d ago

Am somewhat worried about the person that disagreed with me....

Seraphemz2820d ago

Is this like the 1000th article on PSN being down? I wonder if anyone is keeping count.

2fk2820d ago

i am we're exactly at five hundred seventy two million three hundred forty eight thousand nine hundred and ninety nine

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