Konami's VP, Anthony Crouts discusses globalization plans.

Konami discusses plans for globalization of their various intellecutal properties around the world -- specifically in North America.\

Konami acknowledges that a fundamental part of its global strategy will continue to be the company's platform agnosticism, as it also supports Nintendo's and Microsoft's machines.

"Konami knows that we have to build our brand and our presence in the West," says Crouts. "And our huge presence in Japan is translating to North America."

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bym051d4017d ago

1. Make only 2D Castlevania Games
2. ???
3. Profit

Skerj4017d ago

Haha did you learn that 3 tiered approach to success from the underpants gnomes? Still waiting for more Symphony of the Night and less Lament of Innocence.

socomnick4017d ago

well if they want more north American support they need to release more games on the Xbox 360 . Simple as that we North Americans and Europeans eat up any games that come out on it. I spend way too much money on games lol I even own call to juarez , two worlds alot of the lesser known games.

Keowrath4017d ago

"As a franchise, we’ll continue to constantly develop the Metal Gear franchise and move it into new directions"

I just hope and pray that it's not in the direction of crudville! =/

OsolidOsnakeO4017d ago

If they are done with solid snake, then i hope they focus on other Characters story like Liquid Snake (from the begining till he was killed by solid snake in the first part) or sniper wolf from the first time she joined big boss till she was killed by solid snake......

There is only one hero in metal gear and one solid snake........

razer4017d ago

Platform agnostic my foot! You give your star franchises to Sony and release 2nd rate crap on the 360 (what little you have).. I used to love Konami but now when I see there name on a game I just assume it's crap.. I don't want any more sorry ass Xbox Live Arcade ports of your 30 year old franchises..

Darkiewonder4017d ago

Not give them money and tell them to put games on their consoles for the sake of having a bigger gaming portfolio ^^

[lol. Disagree Ready]

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